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1Cover NZ Rated 8.6 out of 1260 reviews

Claims experience
Value for money
Customer service

Forget another...go 1 cove...

Always there to support us, peace of mind on all fronts is essential when travelling and 1 cover meets the requirements!!

Easy going!

Love having you guys as part of my travel insurance, was super easy to use and was straight forward with all the information I needed and how they would be able to help me.
Thankful I didn’t need it. Was a stress free 3 week trip to America knowing I would be in safe hands.

Thank you 1cover!

The above ratings say it a...

At first we tried to fill in the form on the net but gave up. That would be a good way if there are no previous medical conditions.
Obviously these responses are monitored and we received a phone call. It was so much easier to speak with someone on the phone, if memory serves us correct he agent was Hannah. She guided us through the process. We ntend to use this service again.

Water damaged phone

Unfortunately my neice whose name was on our policy and travelled with us spilt a glass of water at a cafe on her phone - it is now not working (2 year old iphone8+) - we went into a phone repair shop in Melbourne and did everything they asked of us to try and fix it - and as we were leaving the next day we decided to wait till we returned to NZ to have any repair done - we called one cover and were told we are not covered for the phone as there are so many claims for water damaged phones and to call apple - we called apple and they also said they can't help - very unhappy as so unsure now what is and what is NOT covered in the policy. disappointed customers

I aways use 1Cover for Tra...

I had an accident while overseas and 1Cover approved the claim less than 24 hrs after submitting it.
Recommend 1Cover whole heartedly.
Best price and service ever.

I am Happy with my claim e...

I am happy with the claim experience. I thought the $200 deduction too high. My last claim from another company they did not make any deductions.
Regards Graham Jackson

Great insurance

I have never had to make a claim. I think loyal customers should get discount. I have used this company for many years.

Everyone very professional...

Lesley had an accident early in our holiday. On contacting 1 Cover for help and assistance, we found that everyone was able to guide us Through and made telephone and email contact to keep on board with us. Their help in getting wheelchairs and a Business class seat on our homeward journey was much appreciated and we were very grateful.
They offered first class care. Thank you so much.

Best value, Best Product o...

I shopped around, and couldn't find travel insurance that suited our requirements. Then a friend said, to try 1 Cover. Excellent.

Once again a positive expe...

The process of purchasing Cover1travel insurance for our trip to Australia was once again made easy due to access to your on line site. Prices were very competitive although cost was not the main reason we chose this cover. Our prior experience will always make us use your company.

Quick settlement

Professional and quick response. Accessible and easy to use. I regularly travel out of New Zealand for work and have found 1 Cover to be the best insurance company for my purposes.

One cover says it all

Easy to apply and easy to comprehend. Suits our needs everytime, no hassle, when we needed to extend our trip, no problem at all.

Reasonable Experience

I have been a long-time customer of 1Cover, although I never made a claim. I have always found the experience in purchasing insurance easy and the price more than reasonable.

Claim hoop jumping

Supportive company but felt that I was not believed . Mounds of evidence and difficulty with the digital presentation protracted the process

There when I needed them

After a mishap with a mini van in Mexico I ended up in hospital,after a quick phone call and a helpful one cover guy at the other end,
My treatment was given the go ahead and a lot of stress disappeared


This so stupid that the items are being doesn't say on the fine print that your item will be depricated...

Opinion of 1 Cover Travel

I have taken 1 Cover Travel several times for various trips. Sometimes I have needed clarification and they have been easy to contact and had good advice. I have now had to make one claim, due to a cancelled flight, and the process was simple and efficient. Thanks.

Quite stressful, contact d...

Becoming unwell overseas the night before you fly is naturally stressful, unable to reach 1cover by their emergency number or any other contact added to stress despite "24-7" hours.

Best insurance company I h...

The whole experience from buying travel insurance through to making a claim was outstanding. My claim was processed quickly, efficiently and most importantly, positively. I would recommend 1Cover to anyone seeking value for money travel insurance.


Not worth it at all the claims team is unhelpful and useless just try to find ways for you to not make any claims.