Will I Be Covered If I Ride A Scooter, Moped Or Motorcycle While Overseas?

If you are driving a motorcycle greater than 50cc, you need to hold a current New Zealand motorcycle licence and to be riding legally in the country you are travelling in.

If you only hold a current New Zealand Drivers licence, we would offer cover for medical expenses related to mopeds and scooters with an engine size no greater than 50cc, and this coverage only takes effect if your New Zealand Driver’s licence is accepted in the country you are riding in.

To check if your licence is valid in the country you are travelling to we recommend that you check with the consulate of that country.

You also need to be aware that cover will not be provided to you if you are a passenger on a moped, scooter or motorcycle with the person in control not having a valid motorcycle licence valid for the country you are travelling in.

Please note that is compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a motorbike or scooter in many countries including Bali, Cambodia and Thailand. 1Cover advises you to wear a compliant motorbike helmet whenever you are a rider or passenger on a scooter or motorbike. 



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