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Claims experience
Value for money
Customer service


Fortunately, I did not need to use my insurance, however it was comforting to know I had a good policy. It felt like good value and I received a check-up email when my trip was over.

Great to get cover

When you're older, and you have a few health issues, but are generally in reasonable health, it's still incredibly hard to get any type of travel insurance. So I was absolutely delighted to get some travel cover from 1Cover, without issue and without any hassle at all. Thank you 1Cover, I will definitely be using your services again, and again.


I found all communication per phone and the speed in setting up and then extending policy excellent - thank you

Super easy and fast

We were pleasantly surprised with every aspect of our dealings with 1Cover. Applying was easy, fast, and cost effective. We will certainly keep you in mind for future insurance needs. :)

Peace of Mind while travel...

It was now my second or time I have signed up with 1Cover. While I did not need to claim any services I signed up for, I am, however, happy to have had Peace of Mind' while travelling for over 4-months in Europe and SE Asia. Will most certainly purchase services from 1Cover again when I leave on my next 1-year trip starting July 2020. Great company, great cover!

1Cover to Australia

Fortunately did not have to make a claim. Would use 1Cover again if and when I travel out of NZ. Very easy to apply on line, customer service very good.

1Cover Insurance

This cover was easy to obtain using your online tool which was clear and easy to use. The policy provided great value for money with comprehensive cover.


Good rates, generous payout money and straight forward online purchasing.
I never made a cldim so dont know if theyre good

Easy to apply for

Well I haven't ever had to claim anything, but this company is very easy to apply for travel insurance so thanks for that. :)

travel insurance

website very confusing - several companies with same contacts/ links - when phoned, receptionist had no knowledge of information on website.

Good experience but surpri...

I recently had to make a claim on getting a hire car when my flight was cancelled.

My claim was reviewed and dealt with quickly, which was nice. However, I was surprised to find out there was no provision to cover fuel costs and only the hire car was covered.

When you hire a car, there is obviously going to be fuel costs associated with that and so I would've thought my insurance would cover this. It was disappointing to find out this wasn't the case, and makes it seems like 1Cover is finding ways not to payout on policies fairly by not including this cost.


No hassle processing

Very comprehensive cover with no problem when necessary to claim. Fortunately had no need to claim this time but more than happy with results the one time I did have to.

Very easy to arrange

We had a problem with our dates and one phone call and it was all soughted out. So helpful and quick. Thanks heaps

Very easy to arrange

We had a problem with our dates and one phone call and it was all soughted out. So helpful and quick. Thanks heaps

Good quality, average clai...

We had a great experience up until we had to make a claim, overall it wasn't bad so just making that clear, we were thankful for the help and claim received. In terms of the claim process there were a few things that could have made it smoother for us.I had spoken to a team member and emailed about our claim situation I completed a claim, however the claim needed to be individually, it would have been nice to have been told this in early discussions. Anyway, we did this and claims were approved, however the second claim for my partner missed the accommodation portion stating that it had already been received, however my claim stated that it hadn't and needed to be claimed separately either way we then got this sorted at a later date. Overall we weren't left out of pocket which we appreciated, however some process issues which could be tidied up moving forward

Travel insurance

Overall it was easy to set up and purchase. Don't really know about the claim section as haven't made any so far

Peace of mind

Thankfully I did not need to claim on insurance but glad it was in place. My case did not arrive until a day later but was told that Air New Zealand would cover essentials up to $100 which they did. Also we experienced a cyclone and had to evacuate our room but they organised new accomodation

super efficient service

We had to make a claim recently and 1cover exceeded both ours and our travel agents expectations. Thank you so much.

Assistance post fractured ...

I can't thank 1 Cover enough, their support and care were fantastic and made an awful situation so much more bearable. I particularly want to thank claims manager Andres Medel who went above and beyond in his support for me and the registered nurse Amanda who was a constant support for me but also all the other members of the emergency and the nursing team who were very helpful also.

Good Insurance

This insurance is easy to apply for and very quick. It is priced very competitively. Although I have never made a claim I feel comfortable that they would deliver on their promises.

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