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Claims experience
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Customer service

good service

The request for accountability was simple to follow, and our claim was efficiently sorted for us. It only took a few days.

Smooth experience

I took the Domestic travel insurance cover (within NZ) and process to get the cover was very easy and straight forward. It was a peace of mind.
Unfortunately I had incident which required insurance claim. The claim process was also very easy and clear. Got my claim approved in couple of days. It was a breeze. I woupd definitely recommend getting 1cover insurance cover for my future travels. Thanks heaps.

Relatively ok value

Supplied medical histpory, you doubled cost for a condition the MOH does't even acknowledge with a medical code - outrageous!

Claim because of untimely ...

Claim took a very long time. It was terribly frustrating not to be able to talk to a real person !!
And then we are told a credit into my Bank account will take 15 business days !!! This is 2020 - banks can process payments overnight !!!!

Wonderful, supportive and ...

All the representatives of 1Cover that have provided assistance and support with my situation and claim have been a sincere pleasure to work with. Communication and support has been clear, reassuring and supportive.
1Cover have exceeded all my expectations with 5-star service and an exceptional level of care.
Knowing that being on opposite sides of the world and having such great support gives peace of mind.

Great value for money and ...

Purchased a ticket for the family on August 2019. We were able to fly on January 2020 but couldn't use our return ticket via Hong Kong on February 2020 due to travel ban related to Covid-19 so we purchased another ticket via South Korea. The airline returned a portion of our unused ticket and 1Cover approved our claim for the new ticket which is about NZ$3000.

Wish I could do minus

Worst company with the worst business practice. A lot of other companies covered for the Covid 19 but not 1cover. Spent months trying to contact them. Stay away from this company

No past problems with clai...

I have no complaints re service, having used 1COVER comprehensive insurance regularly over the last 7+ years.I recall only 1 small Rental car damage claim which was promptly dealt with.
We booked a trip last September and took out our policy.Since then because of the small print, we have written off the accommodation and other costs we have not been able to recover ourselves.However I am disappointed that 1COVER has not seen fit to at least offer a part refund on the insurance policy involved.It is accepted there are costs in writing the policy but everyone is taking a hit!

Always use 1 Cover when tr...

Easy to use, good pricing and was good to deal with a claim. Why wouldn't you get 1 cover?!

Check your policy!!

We purchased a fully comprehensive policy in October 2019 for a 5 week trip in Europe in March 2020. The trip was booked and paid for in advance hotel bookings were non cancellation deals, flights, train tickets, tourist attractions etc to the value of $15'000. A pandemic clause to be found on page 68 allowed this company the ability to take the premium, provide no cover and walk away with no moral compass or consequence.

Avoid this company at all ...

Poor support and customer service during this tough time. I purchased a comprehensive policy with additional cruise cover at the end of 2019 for a cruise holiday at the end of April 2020.

As you well know, all travel and cruises were cancelled around early March and 1Cover (quite fairly) would not cover any claims related to a pandemic. I was able to recover full refunds from all airlines and the cruise line myself easily, however when it came to cancelling the insurance policy for this now non-existent holiday 1Cover refused.

Their contact center was impossible to reach after multiple attempts over weeks and a few emails, nor did they offer to refund the policy for travel that had been cancelled outside of my control, almost 2 months before the trip was even scheduled.

I originally chose 1Cover as they had the most competitively priced policy available, but I would suggest you avoid them and pay the premium for a policy with another company in order to avoid being robbed by them in the future.

Abysmal Company - Steer Cl...

I contacted them multiple times prior to my trip and they completely ignored my messages. I will be finding another provider for my next trip, as I cannot trust a provider who ignores their customers leaving them out of pocket. Really despicable company - shop elsewhere.

Awful Company to Deal With...

Absolutely no customer service. Purchased a policy September last year for travel in June which now looks very doubtful.
Emailed 1Cover 10 days ago and have followed it up twice to see if they will allow the dates to be changed or refund less the cancellation of travel portion of the premium. I sold travel insurance for close on 40 years and either of these options were both possible but it appears not with 1Cover. Take your money and forget you.
1Cover website says airlines, hotels, tour operators, cruise companies are all doing their bit by waiving fees and/or making refunds. Legally they don’t have to but they obviously have a moral compass.
Not so my insurance company

Easy to use claim online p...

Easy and fast and cared enough to include well wishes for the person who was unable to travel due to medical reasons.

Super Easy Piece of Mind

Easy to purchase, always buy as soon as I make my plans! Touch wood no issues to claim for!!

Didn't cover Corona

1 cover have a broad policy that they wouldnt cover events in the media or pandemic/epidemic. We booked our travel cover way before corona had even started to become an issue. World Nomads would have covered us in this instance so probably consider them in future.

Not covering pandemic NOT ...

We paid $ 600+ for our coverage for a trip to Peru. The travel company cancelled the trip due to the danger of Covid-19 (very low in at the moment in all countries we travel through!!) and now we do not have cover, even while we got the insurance way before the outbreak. Now we loose the premium (paid for no cover), extra booked excursions cancellation fees and the cost of our air tickets. A total of US$ 3000. THANKS VERY MUCH 1 COVER.
We always had you as insurer for our travels, but bthis is obviously the last time. It is a pure rip-off.
I can nderstand you have no cover if a outbreak has occurred, but not if there is nothing on.

Good Service and Very Help...

Was easy to update my policy, but might be good if it was clearer that extra packages were required for winter sports and the like...I didn't discover that till a few days before I left the country.....

Always a great price for t...

When traveling we always shop around for the best price now that we are on the pension and find that 1cover is consistently cheaper than anyone else. The cover is comprehensive and suitable for our needs.

Easiest way to arrange tra...

I only choose 1Cover for my insurance. Easy to arrange. No fuss or bother. Can concentrate on enjoying my holiday.

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