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1Cover NZ Rated 8.6 out of 1260 reviews

Claims experience
Value for money
Customer service

Peace of mind

Thankfully I did not need to claim on insurance but glad it was in place. My case did not arrive until a day later but was told that Air New Zealand would cover essentials up to $100 which they did. Also we experienced a cyclone and had to evacuate our room but they organised new accomodation

super efficient service

We had to make a claim recently and 1cover exceeded both ours and our travel agents expectations. Thank you so much.

Assistance post fractured ...

I can't thank 1 Cover enough, their support and care were fantastic and made an awful situation so much more bearable. I particularly want to thank claims manager Andres Medel who went above and beyond in his support for me and the registered nurse Amanda who was a constant support for me but also all the other members of the emergency and the nursing team who were very helpful also.

Good Insurance

This insurance is easy to apply for and very quick. It is priced very competitively. Although I have never made a claim I feel comfortable that they would deliver on their promises.

Moving to another insurer

not able to adjust/change policy online and customer help was very slow at replying. It was super easy to set up the initial insurance/pay but after that everything was harder. Moving to another insurance

Peace of mind

It is safer to take it out just in case we needed it in an emergency. Especially when we are getting older and anything unexpected could happen.

Trip To Hawaii

the cover was easy to obtain on line, cover was what we expected and was good, did not need to make a claim so was ok, well worth the cover.

Easy to get and at a great...

Customer experience was awesome had no problems at all. Value of money was awesome as it was a great price for two people and N/A because no claims were made

Easy to get and at a great...

Customer experience was awesome had no problems at all. Value of money was awesome as it was a great price for two people and N/A because no claims were made

Easy to shop, felt protect...

I luckily didn't have to use my insurance while overseas, but felt at easy knowing that I had cover


We cancelled our trip to Samoa due to the deadly measles outbreak. How was the service then?
Fast, efficient and full refund given! They were very understanding and paid out in full. Only the excess of $200 was deducted and we saved our $11k!

Price was very good for me...

Approving insurance is fast. I could go to trip smoothly. Thank you. I can recommend others to use your insurance.

Travel Insurance

Was easy to take out cover online and over phone, friendly and helpful people, felt completely safe leaving NZ and the whole time away. Never had to use it but knew it was there if needed. Very safe secure feeling while away from home leads to a lovely holiday.

Remote Bolivia and Antarct...

Another great trip, with the assurance that it something did happen that I would have adequate insurance to cover eventualities.
Nothing did happen but I was glad to have peace of mind so that I could relax and enjoy my holiday.

Local Cover for Locals

I needed to hire a car in Wellington.
I needed excess cover.
1 option to but excess cover from the hire car company at $35/day.
2nd option to get 1cover for 3 days for $21 (from memory)
What a pleasure to use 1cover. It was easy an easy and streamlined online service.
For many years I have used Southern Cross but they don’t offer locals cover. So I’m glad I’ve discovered 1plus and I can highly recommend.

Piece of mind if things go...

I think it's always a good thing to get insurance even if it never get used. Right at the end of my trip I did get a chest infection but thankfully it did not get worse. I knew I had the insurance that if things did get worse I could go to the doctor and it would be covered.

outstanding service by far...

My handbag was stolen in Salzburg Austria. Passport, credit cards etc etc. We were due to fly home the following day. With all the extra costs involved with new passport accomodation food taxis and my motel bill for 2 nights upon arrival in Auckland all covered by this fabulous company. You will always be our family favourite and go to. Thank you very much for your compassion and care.

See you next time

Great value for money, all bases covered. I have used them on previous travel and my claim was processed quickly.


Great website with ease of completing especially for older people not tech savvy. Affordable and would use again when needed.

Unable to claim

I was a bit disappointed when I came down with a very contagious vomiting & diarrhea bug the day of my flight to the UK & the airline I was booked with didn't have another flight for 2 days which meant I'd miss my next booked flight & hotel booking in Copenhagen for a 60th birthday. The trip all up was only for 12 days including flying, with work & family commitments specially at this time of the year wasn't possible to delay. Birthdays aren't covered, the point should be that no one would want me risking flying & infecting plane loads of people - it was no short flight. I did delay by 24 hours & had to pay for another return flight. Pleased I wasn't dependent on your insurance.