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1Cover NZ Rated 8.6 out of 1260 reviews

Claims experience
Value for money
Customer service


We took out the policy as soon as we booked our travel. Before we left there were some minor changes in our health situation. Reporting these was seamless and did not have significant effect on the policy.


Easy to get online with competitive rates! Best to get online and keeps you updated via email. Would use this on my next trip.

Great value for money

Luckily I didn't need to make any claims but I'm glad I took this cover out anyway. It was great value for money and would definitely use 1Cover again this is the third time I've used 1Cover so far.

Fantastic all round.

Fantastic travel insurance! We use 1-Cover every time we travel and our most recent trip we needed to make a claim. They were efficient and honest to deal with.

Gladly not needed

Rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Will gladly use 1 Cover Travel Insurance again

Peace of Mind

Whilst we were overseas we were fortunate not to have to use our insurance, but we were able to travel throughout Europe with peace of mind that if something untoward occurred we had medical and travel cover.

Prompt service

It would be beneficial if 1Cover advised customers to retain their boarding passes for the start and end of their journey in order to prove that they departed and returned on the dates covered by the insurance.

Will use again

Prompt email replies to all my questions. Well priced policy. Luckily we didnt have to claim but that is the mark of a good company, how they respond when needed

Brilliant Travel Insurance...

I have used 1Cover Travel Insurance a few times over the last couple of years or so. I have found setting up the policy easy and the premiums are very reasonable. Would recommend them and have done on several occcasions.

Excellent cover- tricky we...

Insurance applications are not easy and when you do not provide the option of going back to a previous page, forcing the applicant to start over again it makes for some frustration. It would be good if you had a feature where you could review what you said on previous applications.

Fast, Easy and Reliable.

Both children got sick overseas and we put a claim in immediately. So easy, no fuss and up to date alerts every step of the way. Claim was processed and paid into our account under 7 days ! We will 100% be using you again. When we travel.

Great outcome some confusi...

Kept getting asked for documents I had already uploaded and sent.Also, had to make the calls to Australia at my cost. Claims Advisor said he tried to ring me a few times but there was only 1 missed call on my phone. Once we talked everything was sorted out smoothly.So great outcome but a little sloppy along the way

Uncomplicated question

Had been filling out forms with other insurance companies for travelling and found that questions are hard to answer. It cost way too much as soon as i answer yes to a question eventhough i know its only a minor circumstance. Thank you to 1cover for making my holiday stress free. I will recommend your travel insurance to my family and friends. Thanks to my family doctor who recommended this to me.

easy to apply on line and ...

However, would have appreciated a reminder email with details before I departed as I have set up 6 months before travel

Don't use if backpacki...

I used the Comprehensive Policy for my backpacking trip across Europe for two months. In one of my hostels I had money stolen out of my wallet which was in my bag next to me while I slept. 1Cover will not reimburse for the money stolen because it was 'not on my person'. I clarified that they expect a person to sleep while wearing their bag and they responded yes, but it would be okay if the money had been in my pocket or if I had slept with a fanny pack on me. They also stated that they consider a hostel room to be a public place and therefore any thefts that occur from a hostel room will not be covered by their policy. Definitely do not go with them if you plan on sleeping on your trip or staying in any hostels.


It was very easy to find online and it covered me comfortably on my holiday period. That I didn’t have any problems or sickness while I was away and didn’t need to use my travel insurance.

Bad service and unwilling ...

I called the 24-hour emergency number to advise them my glasses had been broken - unhelpful unwilling to offer advise or help

Next time I will chose ano...

I purchased Travel insurance for $80.56 that was supposed to cover a few things including hospital expenses. It happened to me that I ended up with paying medical fees around $250. My Claim hasn't been processed yet ( 3 weeks later the accident) - I haven't received any response on my email. I provided all possible information required, but has been left without an answer.

Nice and easy.

Buying experience was simple and easy. Can't comment on claims experience as I didn't have to lodge one. Phew! Otherwise everything else was on point.

Claim response terrible

On tuesday 3september had my passport and phone stolen in Bali. I made a claim that morning and followed up with a police report. I received a computer generated email and after 6 chase up emails stating my situation was URGENT i have received no communication at all. Few days ago my wife phoned on my behalf but was told she needed authorisation of which i had all ready given.
I have emailel the help line yesterday. After all of this i have heard nothing from 1Cover. I have taken out travel insurance through 1cover on several occasions but this is my first claim.
Today is Saturday 7th September, hopefully this review might wqke some one up!!