What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Our travel insurance covers a range of things that could go wrong while on holiday such as needing medical assistance, being charged car hire excess, losing luggage, and lots more.

We provide two levels of overseas cover: Comprehensive and Medical-Only. We also have domestic, annual, and already overseas travel insurance. All the benefits referred to below are subject to the full terms and conditions as outlined in the PDS. 

Explore Some Of Our Coverage

accidental Death

If the worst possible happens, a death benefit may be payable if you pass away because of an injury sustained during your journey within 12 months of your journey.

Additional Expenses

If you become ill while on holidays and this has disrupted your travel plans, we may be able to help. Cover is also provided for various other disruptions to your journey.

credit card fraud

Providing cover in the case of credit card fraud is important. You may be able to claim for expenses incurred if your issuing provider or bank won't help. 

emergency companion

If something serious happens to your travel companion, or if your travel companion needs to stay with you, we may reimburse reasonable expenses.

Family Emergency

Family Emergency

We understand how important family is and that's why we have designed our travel insurance to provide cover around family emergencies.

flight cancellation

Flight Cancellations

There is nothing more boring, frustrating and dull than your flight being delayed or cancelled, so find out what's coverd and what's not. 

Magnifying Glass

Luggage & Belongings

We offer up to $15,000 luggage and personal effects cover under our comprehensive travel insurance.


overseas medical

Travel isn't always smooth sailing. That's why we have a 24/7 emergency medical assistance to assist you whenever you need help.

Overseas Emergency Medical Expenses

Overseas medical expenses

Our Travel Insurance provides reimbursement for the reasonable medical or hospital expenses that are incurred until you get back to New Zealand.

Personal Liability

Personal Liability

We provide cover for legal liability including legal expenses for bodily injuries or damage to property of other persons as a result of a claim made against you.

Theft Of Cash

Theft of cash

Losing cash can be devastating. That's why we provide you with coverage for the loss of cash, bank notes, currency notes or postal orders.

Car Vehicle Excess

Car Vehicle Excess

We cover you for the rental excess (or the cost of repairing the rental vehicle if this is cheaper) if you hire a rental car and it is involved in an accident or is damaged. 

travel insurance FAQs

  • What Happens If I Get Sick Or Injured Overseas?
  • 1Cover offer Emergency Medical Assistance anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. If you’re sick or injured, we advise that you or a member of your travelling party call our medical assistance team as soon as possible. 

    For minor ailments, such as those that only require a GP visit, you may choose to visit a doctor, pay for your visit upfront, and then submit your claim either from overseas or once you return home. Make sure that you keep all receipts and reports from your treating doctor, including the diagnosis and treatment notes and any other documents.

  • What Happens If I Need To Cancel My Trip?
  • If you need to cancel your trip, notify any travel providers (airlines, accomodation, tour providers, etc) of your intention to cancel.

    Make sure you check whether your travel providers will refund you. Sometimes, they will return deposits, fares, etc., depending on when you cancel and what your original contract states.

    If you aren’t reimbursed, then check certificate of insurance and the PDS to see whether your circumstances are covered.

    Once you have done this, and you intend to claim, you’ll need to obtain and supply confirmations, refund advices, and terms and conditions. We request these for lodgement of your claim.

  • What Happens if I Miss My Flight Or If The Flight Is Delayed?
  • In the first instance, you should contact the airline to see if any alternate arrangement can be made or any compensation may be offered. Please retain any documentation provided by the airline or receipts for any out of pocket costs which you may incur as a result of the delay or cancellation should you need to submit a claim.

  • What Do I Do In The Case Of A Theft?
  • A theft while you’re away is incredibly unsettling, but to substantiate your claim, you’ll need to report the theft to the police or nearest local authority within 24 hours of the incident and obtain a written report that can to be used as supporting documents.

    Make sure that the police report you obtain is an official one, and that all the items that have been stolen are clearly detailed. You’ll also need to capture the circumstances surrounding the event. Remember, the more information on the report, the better.

    When you submit your claim, you’ll also need to provide proof of purchase and/or ownership in relation to the stolen items.

  • What Sports And Activities Are Covered Under 1Cover Policies?
  • We provide cover for a whole heap of sports and activities from Abseiling to Zorbing, automatically without any additional premium, check out our activities page for more details. If you’re hitting the slopes for an adventure in the snow you will need to pay an additional premium for our Winter Sports Pack.



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