What does our
Travel Insurance Cover?

We can help you if:

  • someone in your family got sick back home
  • you broke a limb and needed medical assistance
  • your camera or phone was pickpocketed
  • your bags were delayed and you had no clothes with you
  • ...and so much more 

Every year, there are thousands of Kiwis who get in trouble overseas. The range of things that can go wrong and the costs involved are massive. But may of these distressing situations can be eased by travel insurance.

Keep reading to find out more about our benefits - and get a free quote in seconds.

Our most popular benefits 

flight cancellation


If you become ill or need to change your travel plans, we can help. 

car Rental

 Rental excess fees can be exorbitant. We'll cover you if you car is damaged/stolen. 

other Amazing Benefits

Additional Expenses

If your plans are disrupted because of illness. 

credit Card

If you're the victim of common credit card fraud

personal Liability 

Cover for legal liability in some circumstances. 


Domestic Pet Cover

Domestic Pet Cover

If you're delayed or your pet is injured while you're away.


Domestic Services

Domestic Services 

If you need domestic help when you get home. 

Cruise Options 

Formal wear, missed departures.. & much more


Cover yourself and your gear on your next snow trip



Luggage Delay

If you get somewhere before your bags do

loss of income
Loss of Income

If you're injured for over a month when you get home.


Find out what we don't cover here

story of the month: Emily Gurr

When model Emily Gurr was 21, she was enjoying a holiday in Vietnam with a friend.  From Vietnam, Emily flew to Bali, and continued to enjoy her holiday, until she woke up one day, debilitated from a dengue fever virus that she had picked up from a mosquito in Vietnam.

"I couldn't move...I felt like I was dying..."

It was a holiday nightmare...but we ensured that Emily was evacuated form Bali to Darwin for treatment. She was covered for the cost which amounted to $52,000 - but, most importantly, Emily was reunited with her family and taken care of when it mattered most. 

 Find out more and watch the video here. 


We've Already Helped 1.5 Million Customers

1Cover is rated 4.3 out of 5, Independently Rated On Feefo 
  • "Don't Leave Country Without it"

    Prompt support when unexpected happened. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have it when I got robbed.

    By Damiliya, Feefo User

  • "Good Value, Good Service"

    Had to make a claim when my wife took ill & had to visit a doctor in the USA. Put a claim in back home ... accepted and paid within two weeks.

    By Kevin, Feefo User

  • "Exceptional Speed In Response To A Claim"

    First time I've had to make a claim. Speed of process was quite unbelievable.

    By Anon, Feefo User

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