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Why Do I Need Travel Insurance In Australia?


Cost of an air ambulance from Perth to back to New Zealand.


Weekly hospital fees for a patient in ICU in Australia.*


Cost of repatriation on a plane from Sydney to New Zealand.


And Did you know...?

  1. 1.  Many people think the government will pay their medical bills overseas. But, if you’re in Australia and end up needing medical attention, the government won’t cover GP costs, the full costs of medicines, or ambulance travel. 
  2. 2.  42,000 people were hospitalised in Australia as a result of venomous sting or bites between 2001-2013.
  3. 3. Historically, car accidents have been a leading cause of major injury for international tourists in Australia.
  4. 4.  In 2015 there were 23.1 million mishandled bags around the world, with 20% of Australia 1Cover claimants losing/damaging their luggage in 2016/17.


Travel insurance can't prevent things from happening. But if you have 1Cover, you'll have someone there when one thing goes wrong. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about travel insurance for Australia.

What Are My Travel Insurance Options For Australia?


Option 1


This is our highest level of cover.


Option 2

Medical Only

For medical expense coverage only.


Option 3

Frequent Traveller

If you travel more than once a year.READ MORE

We've provided an outline for each of the options below. If you need more information or need to view the terms and conditions, please take a look at the Policy Wording, or get an instant quote now.


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Option 1: Comprehensive Cover


Comprehensive Travel Insurance is our highest level of cover, with optional add-ons for snow, cruise, extra rental vehicle excess, and high-value items.

If you have pets, we include vet fees if your pet gets sick while you're away, and we'll pay pet boarding fees if you're delayed. 

For a detailed outline of benefits and inclusions, as well terms and conditions, please refer to the Policy Wording, or get an instant quote now.

Australia Travel Insurance Policy Benefit Overseas Single-Trip
medical Cover 

Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance^


Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses^*


Includes Dental Expenses (per adult)^


Resumption Of Journey^*


Hospital Cash Allowance^*


Accidental Death*


Permanent Disability^*


Loss of Income^*


luggage Cover 

Credit Card Fraud & Replacement^


Includes Travel Documents & Traveller's Cheques^


Theft Of Cash^#


Luggage & Personal Effects*


Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses^


cancellation Cover 

Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses*


Includes Family Emergency*


Includes Emergency Companion Cover*


Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits*


Disruption Of Journey*


Alternative Transport Expenses^


ancillary Cover 

Personal Liability#

$5 million

Domestic Pets^*


Domestic Services^*


Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess#*



Choose Add-ons For your Comprehensive cover

If you’re travelling with expensive new items, going cruising, hitting the ski slopes, or you're worried about car rental insurance excess, then you may want to select the following add-ons. 


Protect yourself while cruising in
Australia with our
Cruise Pack add-on.

Winter Sports

Cover yourself and your gear on your ski or snowboarding trip with our Winter Sports Pack add-on.

More Cover for Your Rental Vehicle 

We automatically cover rental excess up to $5,000. But you can increase this up to $8,000 if you need to.

High Value
Items Cover

Protect high-value items that are not automatically covered by your policy. Note: items cannot be older than 12 months.

Option 2: Medical Only Cover

If you're travelling on a budget, and looking for cheap travel insurance to Australia, then 1Cover’s Medical Only policy offers a cheaper alternative to comprehensive travel insurance. It's our most basic policy and will only provide cover for any medical expenses and emergency assistance costs. 

For a detailed outline of benefits and inclusions, as well as terms and conditions, please refer to the Policy Wording, or get an instant quote now.

Medical Only Cover Policy
Medical Only Policy
Single Trip
medical Cover 

Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance^


Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses^*


Includes Dental Expenses (per adult)^



Personal Liability#

$5 million

Option 3: Annual or Frequent Traveller Cover

Do you travel more than once a year to Australia? Then it might make sense to buy a multi trip annual policy. This works just like our comprehensive cover (detailed above), except you can take as many trips as you want in a year and you’ll still be covered.

Let us know the maximum trip duration of any one trip before selecting from the options below.


Frequent Traveller 21 days maximum


Frequent Traveller 45 days maximum


Find out which Annual Frequent Traveller cover policy would suit you best here. 

For a detailed outline of benefits and inclusions, as well as terms and conditions, please refer to the Policy Wording, or get an instant quote now.


Australia Travel Insurance FAQs

  • Won't the rHCA Cover me if i require medical Assistance in Australia?
  • The reciprocal health care agreement (RHCA) lets New Zealanders access limited medical services. This means New Zealand citizens/residents  in Australia are covered for in-patient public hospital treatments and accommodation.

    But the RHCA won't cover any prescription medicines/supplies, or any other medical treatments you require, including any hospital outpatient treatments and all private hospital services.

    The RHCA doesn't cover emergency evacuation and repatriation costs either. Australia has many isolated areas, and if you're injured or sick, you might need emergency evacuation to a major hospital.

  • Do You Cover The Excess On A Rental Campervan Or Car?
  • Renting a car to see Australia is popular, but you need to be aware that car hire companies will often charge you a hefty excess fee if something happens to your hire car. So even if you take out insurance with your hire company, you might still be liable for thousands of dollars.

    We cover you up to $5000 for the excess that could be incurred in the event of an accident, whether it's your fault or not. We provide cover for rental cars, van, 4WD, or campervans (so long as the vehicle doesn’t exceed 4.5 tonnes).

    We also cover you for up to $500 to return your rental car if you are seen by a medical advisor and you have been deemed unfit to do so. For an additional premium, you can increase your Rental Vehicle Excess Add-On to $6000, $7000, or $8000. 

  • Am I Covered For Off-Piste Skiing & Snowboarding in Australia?
  • Yes, we provide cover for off-piste skiing and snowboarding as long as it is within a short distance from designated areas of ski resort boundaries on groomed terrain that are open and patrolled by the ski resort.​

    You must select the Winter Sports Pack add-on when booking your policy to be covered for any winter sports activities. 

  • I’ve reached Australia and the airline Has Lost My Luggage. Will 1Cover Replace The Items?
  • If you are entitled to be reimbursed by the bus line, airline, shipping line or rail authority you were travelling on when the loss, theft, misplacement or damage occurred, then your travel insurance may not cover you.

    However, if you are not reimbursed the full amount of your claim, we will assess your claim and you may be entitled to be paid the difference between the amount of your loss and what you were reimbursed, up to the limit of your cover (allowing for depreciation due to age, wear and tear).

  • Can I Apply To Extend My Travel Insurance Policy while I’m in Australia?
  • Yes, of course. If you want to extend your policy while you’re in Australia, the easiest way to do this is via the Policy Manager.

    You'll need your policy number (available in the email confirming your policy), and a few other simple details. Log-in and extend your trip, add destinations, or buy add ons/extras.

    Make sure you extend your policy before it expires. If you have trouble, you can email us at [email protected]

    Please note there may be instances where a policy extension is not available. 

  • Am I Covered For Natural Disasters?
  • Travel insurance provides cover for weather events as long as they are unforeseen. If you do get caught up in an unforeseen event while you are in Australia and you are injured or your trip is interrupted, 1Cover can assist.

    Our policies do not cover claims for losses caused by an event that you were aware of at the time of purchasing your policy. Once an event has become published in the mass media, it is expected that you have purchased your insurance with this knowledge in mind.

    1Cover will, where possible, issue travel warnings in relation to such large scale events and the dates and times after which they are not seen as an unforeseen event.

  • Can I Choose My Excess?
  • Sure. If you choose a lower excess, it means you'll pay less if you need to claim, but you'll pay a little bit more upfront. If you opt for a higher excess, it means you'll pay less now and a little bit more if you need to claim.

  • I travel to Australia a few times a year. What’s the best policy for me?
  • We have a policy called Frequent Traveller which allows you to take as many trips under the one policy for 12 months and enjoy comprehensive cover on each one. There is a limit to the maximum length of each trip on these policies. You can travel to one or more destinations with this policy. 

    Find out more about our annual travel insurance policies here.

  • Do I Need Any Vaccinations Before Visiting Australia?
  • There aren't any compulsory vaccinations you need for Australia. However whenever you travel you should make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines. These include measles-mumps-rubella, tetanus, chickenpox, polio, and your yearly flu shot.

  • What Are Australia’s Quarantine Regulations?
  • Australia has strict quarantine regulations, and instant fines are issued for failing to declare items for quarantine on arrival. Make sure you declare any foodstuffs, animal products or items used in the outdoors. People failing to declare biosecurity risk goods can receive an instant fine of $400, be fined up to $100,000 and/or face up to five years in prison. Find out more information here.

  • Do I Need A Visa To Enter Australia? 
  • Kiwis planning to visit Australia for a holiday do not need to apply for a visitor visa, as New Zealand is on the visa-waiver list. There are some exceptions to this rule, which are mainly to do with how long you want to stay. If you have been sentenced to imprisonment, deported from any country, or have been involved in known criminal or terrorist groups, then you should contact the nearest High Commission or Consulate of Australia well in advance of travel for advice on visa requirements.

  •  Am I Covered For Travel Interruptions Caused By Earthquakes And Other Natural Disasters?
  • Travel insurance provides cover for weather events as long as they are unforeseen. The most common types of natural disasters in Australia are bush fires, flooding, cyclones and severe storms. Our policies do not cover claims for losses caused by an event that you were aware of at the time of purchasing your policy.

    Once an event has become published in the mass media, it is expected that you have purchased your insurance with this knowledge in mind. 1Cover will, where possible, issue travel warnings in relation to such large scale events and the dates and times after which they are not seen as an unforseen event.

  • Do You Cover Cruising To Australia?
  • Yes,but you'll need our Cruise Insurance add-on - an important consideration if you’re cruising Australia’s stunning waterways. Things can happen on cruise ships, like losing power kilometres from land, or outbreaks of food poisoning that spread like wildfire. Find out more about Cruise Insurance here. 

  • Do you cover seniors travelling to Australia?
  • We can provide cover to people of all ages. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions we may require a little more information from you and some exclusions may apply. See here for more details. 

  • Am I Covered If I'm Pregnant When I'm Travelling To Australia?
  • If you're travelling to Australia while pregnant, you are covered for single foetus pregnancies, up to, and inclusive of, the 24th week of gestation. For multiple pregnancies, you'll be covered up to and inclusive of the 19th week of gestation. If you have had complications from your pregnancy, you’ll need to complete a medical screening.

    We will assess your application and decide whether, and to what extent, we can offer you insurance for your pregnancy and/or journey. If you have not told us about the circumstances of your pregnancy when you were required to do so, we may refuse your claim or reduce it to the amount we would have paid had you given us the required information.

    Please note: we will not pay any medical expenses for:
    a) Regular antenatal care;
    b) Childbirth at any gestation; or
    c) Care of the newborn child. 

    Find more here. 

  • Can I Get Extra Cover For My High-Value Items?
  • Laptop computers, cameras, mobile phones…they’re all things we need on at home and on holiday. That’s why you can choose a bit of extra protection for your can’t-live-withouts. All you need to do is include and specify certain high-value items that aren't automatically covered when you're buying your policy.

    Note: the items cannot be older than 12 month, and you can't specify items like jewellery, watches, bicycles and watercraft (apart from surfboards).

  • Will I Be Covered If Something Happens To Me While Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol?
  • Our policy states that any claim arising from being intoxicated, addicted or under the influence of liquor or drugs, except those prescribed by a Medical Adviser, will not be covered.



The One thing They Needed in Australia


Tom's nasty Fall

Half way through his Aussie holiday, Tom fell on a fence and severely tore open his leg. He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance for treatment and couldn’t continue on with his holiday plans.

1Cover paid over $6,000 towards Tom’s medical expenses and travel cancellation costs.

I'm Always going to go with them in the future.

Victor's Burst Appendix

The night before his big family holiday to Australia, Victor fell ill and ended up in the emergency room with a burst appendix. He was admitted to hospital where he stayed for the rest of week. This meant Victor was forced to miss his entire holiday.

Luckily 1Cover was able to assist, covering almost $5,000 cancellation costs.

Quick and accomodating...thank you, thank you, thank you! 

brenda's car Accident

While driving in a rental car in country NSW, Brenda* was involved in a nose to tail car accident resulting in a dent on the rear of the vehicle.  

1Cover covered the $3,000 rental vehicle excess and Brenda was able to keep enjoying her trip.

So nice to have a kind voice on the phone when something goes wrong. 

Travel Insurance Statistics

...they're interesting, really!

 Over 90% of travellers were covered by travel insurance the last time they went overseas.**

Expensive Medical Bill

20% of 1Cover claimants who travelled to  Australia lost or damaged their luggage.*

25% of 1Cover claims for customers travelling to Australia were related to trip cancellation.

*in 2017/2018
**research conducted in 2016

How Will Travel Insurance Help Me In Australia?

24/7 Medical Assistance

Whether you’re swimming at Bondi, shopping in Melbourne, or trekking through Tasmania, things can - and do - go belly-up. Lucky we’ll be there to assist with hospital stays or emergency evacuation if one thing goes really wrong.

your trip

Last year, nearly a quarter of claimants needed reimbursement for trip cancellation. It’s disappointing to postpone or cancel your trip, but having 1Cover can ease the pain if your plans change.

Ease Lost
Luggage Woes

Lost or damaged luggage and personal belongings is one of the most common claims made by 1Cover travellers in Australia. Don’t let your trip be ruined: we  provide up to $15K cover for luggage and personal items like laptops and phones.

Snowboard & Ski Stress-Free

Cruising brings a certain set of risks: lost possessions, missing pre-paid tours, and bugs spreading quickly on board. If you're cruising Australia's beautiful coast, we’ve got a cruise insurance add-on for any mishaps.

Car Hire

If you’re hiring a car/campervan while in Australia, you could be hit by unforeseen costs due to car rental excess at the returns desk - even if you purchased insurance. But if you’ve got 1Cover, there's no nasty surprises.


If your Aussie holiday is impacted by any unforeseen weather events or disaster events, 1Cover can help you out. But before you book any holiday, always check the news and 1Cover's travel alerts (events must be unforeseen). 

outdoor adventure, done safe

Bushwalking to biking, jet skiing to camel riding...Australia is the place to enjoy the great oudoors. So you can enjoy yourself with peace of mind, we cover a wide range of 100+ activities (unlike many other insurers). 

Scuba Dive cover

Dive the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas, or Townsville, and we'll cover you - up to 30 metres. So if you have equipment malfunctions or if you need medical assistance, you'll can get the help you need.
See the full Ts&Cs in the Policy Wording.


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Before Your Trip...

Got some Questions? 

If you have any other questions that haven't been answered on this page, visit our FAQs section for even more information. From riding scooters to questions on skiing, cruising, and travelling with kids, you'll find what you need here. 

Know before you go

The one thing you should do before you get travel insurance is look at 1Cover Travel Alerts. Here you’ll find information on new and current travel events and what will be covered by your policy. 


One Last Thing: Emergency Contacts & How To Claim

We hope nothing goes wrong on your trip to Australia. But if it does, the resources in this section can help you.

The New Zealand High Commission is the official representative of the New Zealand Government. They provide a range of services to the general public, including consular, passport, visa and immigration, citizenship and cultural relations services. 






Be informed. Be prepared. If you're across The New Zealand Government's SafeTravel website, you'll have all the latest information for your trip to Australia. SafeTravel is a trusted resource for New Zealander travellers and is updated regularly, so make sure you bookmark this handy resource.






If you need emergency assistance in Australia, please call our 24/7 emergency medical assistance line on (+) 64 9884 0229 or email [email protected]

For non-emergency assistance, you can message our Sydney-based support centre seven days a week.

If something happens to you and it's not an emergency, you can start the claims process whenever it's convenient to you. Visit our online claims platform, and if you have all the necessary documentation, your claim will be processed in 10 business days.