Family Travel Insurance

At 1Cover we know how important family holidays are that is why we cover dependents at no extra cost when travelling with parents or grandparents.

Winner "Outstanding Value International Travel Insurance" Award

Family Travel Insurance Features & Benefits

Whether you're travelling to a new country or road tripping around New Zealand with 1Cover Travel Insurance not only do you get outstanding value family travel insurance but kids are covered at no extra cost on your policy (dependant children under 21 travelling with their parents). Which means you can spend more on your trip or afford one extra memory to take home.

We all want only the best for our families therefore, at 1 Cover, we would never expect you to accept second best when purchasing family travel insurance for your holiday.

1Cover travel insurance have cheap options that provide outstanding, comprehensive protection for your family no matter if they travel occasionally or frequently throughout the year:

Annual Travel Insurance - travel as often as you want, direct or the scenic route, during the year for the one low price with this frequent traveller policy. Cover for each trip extends to 90 days and each family member may even travel independently if they wish or the need arises.

Backpacker Insurance - not all families are the same. Some families prefer to keep it simple and experience countries at a more grass roots level. Be assured, you are still covered for medical emergencies, personal accident and liability, personal belongings and much, much more.

For the adventurous family - we provide automatic cover for a range of adventure sports including bungee jumping, scuba diving, snow skiing, snowboarding and white water rafting.

Children under 21 are covered free - Dependents under 21 years who travel with a parent or grandparent for 100% of the journey are covered at no additional cost on our single and family policies. 

Low Rates But Never Low Standards

Through our extensive experience within the travel insurance industry we know all the pitfalls you can possibly experience when travelling - especially when travelling with children. 

We know your family is the most wonderful and precious thing in your life - that you would do anything and pay any price for your family. But at 1Cover we never take advantage of that knowledge. Instead we do everything possible to provide your family with the protection of absolute first class, comprehensive family travel insurance at a world-beating, economical price. We want you and your family to enjoy only the best.

All travel has an element of risk. Thinking ahead and careful preparation will reduce the risk considerably in most areas. Precautions such as visiting your doctor, dentist and your local travel medical centre for all relevant treatment prior to departure, and checking with the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade travel specific website,, for the latest travel advice for your destination will go a long way to ensuring your trip is enjoyable and eventful for all the right reasons.

1 Cover NZ management and staff wish you a safe and happy journey.

  • Kids covered at not extra cost. On our policies dependants are covered at no additional cost if travelling with a parent or guardian.

  • Planning to take some valuables on your trip? We cover up to $15,000 worth of luggage and personal effects.

  • Get covered in New Zealand and Overseas. We have domestic and international plans available.

  • Don’t worry if an unexpected disaster affects your trip. We cover unlimited cancellation and lost deposits.

  • We know how important your family is. That is why we have up to $50,000 worth of family emergency cover.


Read the full policy wording in our Product Disclosure Statement for more details including full terms and conditions, limits and exclusions that apply.



FAQs About Family Travel Insurance

  • What Is A Dependant?
  • Dependants are your children or grandchildren not in full time employment, who are under the age of 21. In order to be classed as a Dependant, the child must be travelling with their parent or grandparent at all times. If you have a child under 16 years of age that requires a single adult policy you will need to contact the call centre to discuss your options. Whether it’s two adults or just a single adult travelling, we allow for an unlimited amount of Dependants under Single or Family policies (there is no cover for Dependants under Group policies). 

  • What Are The Benefits Of Having Travel Insurance?
  • When you travel it's all about the new and unknown which unfortunately means you never know what could go wrong. Things like medical emergencies while overseas could cost $50,000+, and then there's lost luggage, stolen belongings and delayed flights which are more expenses on top of an already costly holiday. Travel is unpredictable and travel insurance is there to help provide you peace of mind that when the unexpected happens, we'll be there to help out. We advise you to read the Product Disclosure Statement to make sure this product is right for you. If you have any questions please call our friendly call centre on 0800 000 333.

  • How Can I Pay For My 1Cover Policy?
  • To help make the payment process as easy and simple as we can, we've created four methods of payment:
    Through the use of your credit card or debit card.
    You can ask for one of our cash payments forms which you can fill in and send back to us with a cheque.
    You can make a direct deposit into our bank account by visiting the bank or using online banking.
    You can also come and visit us in our Auckland-based sales office and pay by cash. Find us at 11B/17 Albert St, Auckland 1010 New Zealand.
    To arrange payment options please call our 1Cover call centre on 0800 000 333

  • What Happens If I Come Home Early?
  • Your policy covers the full duration of your trip. There are no refunds should you come home earlier than planned.


A complete list of FAQS.


Table of Benefits - Family Travel Insurance

Explore our table of benefits below to see all the cover provided by our family travel insurance policies.

Key Benefits Comprehensive/ Frequent Traveller  Basics

Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance

Includes 24-hour emergency medical assistance, ambulance fees, medical evacuations, funeral arrangements, messages to family and hospital guarantees.

Unlimited Unlimited

Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses*

Cover for overseas medical treatment if you are injured or become sick overseas, including; medical, hospital, surgical and nursing.

Includes Dental Expenses (Per Person)*

Cover for your emergency dental treatment for the relief of sudden and acute pain to sound and natural teeth. 







Luggage & Personal Effects*

Cover for replacement of luggage and personal effects stolen, lost or damaged during travel. This includes luggage, personal effects, camera, spectacles and computer.


Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits*

Cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits for pre-paid travel arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances neither expected nor intended by you, and which are outside your control, such as; sickness, injuries, strikes, collisions, retrenchment and natural disasters.


Rental Vehicle Excess*

Cover for the excess payable on your rental vehicle's motor vehicle insurance resulting from the rental vehicle being; stolen, crashed or damaged and/or the cost of returning the rental vehicle due to you being unfit to do so.


Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits Comprehensive/ Frequent Traveller Basics

Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses

Cover for additional travel expenses if you cannot travel because of an injury or sickness (whilst overseas).

Includes Family Emergency

Cover for additional travel expenses if your travelling companion, or a relative of either of yours, dies unexpectedly, is disabled by an injury or requires hospitalisation.

Includes Emergency Companion Cover

Cover for additional travel and accommodation expenses if your travelling companion cannot continue their Journey because of an injury or sickness.


Resumption of Journey

Cover for the cost of airfares for you to resume your Journey if you return Home because of the unexpected death or hospitalisation of a Relative of yours.


Hospital Cash Allowance

An allowance of $50 per day if you are hospitalised for more than 48 continuous hours while overseas.


Accidental Death

A death benefit is payable if you die because of an injury sustained during your journey within 12 months of that injury.


Permanent Disability

A permanent disability benefit is payable for total loss of sight in one or both eyes or loss of use of a hand or foot (for at least 12 months, and which will continue indefinitely) within 12 months of, and because of, an injury sustained during your journey.


Loss of Income

A weekly loss of income benefit is payable if you become disabled within 30 days of an injury you sustained during your journey, and you are still unable to work more than 30 days after returning to New Zealand. 


Luggage Benefits

Luggage Benefits Comprehensive/ Frequent Traveller Basics

Credit Card Fraud & Replacement*

Cover for the replacement cost of your credit cards lost or stolen from you during your journey, and loss resulting from fraudulent use.

Includes Travel Documents & Traveller's Cheques

Cover for the replacement cost of your travel documents including passports, travel documents or travellers cheques lost or stolen from you during your Journey.


Theft of Cash

Cover for the following items stolen from your person, bank notes, cash, currency notes, postal orders and money orders.


Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses

Cover to purchase essential items of clothing and other personal items following luggage delayed and personal effects being delayed, misdirected or misplaced by your carrier for more than 12 hours.


Cancellation Benefits

Cancellation Benefits Comprehensive/ Frequent Traveller Basics

Disruption of Journey

Cover for additional meals and accommodation expenses, after an initial 6 hours delay, if your Journey is disrupted due to circumstances beyond your control. 


Alternative Transport Expenses

Cover for additional travel expenses following transport delays to reach events such as; a wedding, funeral, conference, sporting event and pre-paid travel/tour arrangements. 


Ancillary Benefits

Ancillary Benefits Comprehensive/ Frequent Traveller Basics

Personal Liability*

Cover for legal liability including legal expenses for bodily injuries or damage to property of other persons as a result of a claim made against you.

$5 million $5 million

Domestic Pets

Cover for additional boarding kennel or cattery fees resulting from your delayed return home, also veterinary fees if your pet is injured while you are away.


Domestic Services

Cover for house keeping services following injury/disablement continuing upon your return home.


* $100 excess payable


Please note that the cover limits for domestic  policies are the same as above excluding the following

  • Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses
  • Resumption of Journey
  • Hospital Cash Allowance
  • Credit Card Fraud & Replacement
  • Theft of Cash
  • Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses
  • Alternative Transport Expenses
  • Domestic Pets
  • Domestic Services

No excess is payable for domestic family policies


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Why Choose 1Cover Travel Insurance?

Pre-Existing Medical Cover

We automatically cover 35 conditions under our travel insurance policies. We understand that everyone is different and we assess pre-existing conditions on a case by case basis.



One Million Customers

We are proud to say that we have provided cover to over one million customers around the world. Whether you are exploring New Zealand or the rest of the world, we have a travel insurance policy to suit your needs.


Local Call Centre

Our Call Centre is based in Auckland. We’re open seven days a week for your convenience. Our team are trained travel insurance specialists who will be able to assist you in tailoring travel insurance to suit your needs.

Rental Car Excess

Our travel insurance will cover the excess payable (up to $5000) on your rental vehicle’s insurance resulting from the vehicle being involved in an accident, is damaged or stolen.

Coverage For The Family

Dependents under 21 years who travel with a parent or grandparent for 100% of the journey are covered at no additional cost on our single and family policies. 

24 Hour Emergency Help

You can rest assured knowing that you have 24/7 emergency assistance. We are there for you when you need us most.