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the one thing you should & shouldn't do...


Ever wondered about the One thing you should or shouldn't do on your holiday?
We asked travel writer Ben Groundwater for the answers! See all One Thing Guides.

new zealand
... In New Zealand

You'd be surprised what gets Kiwis offside. 

... In Singapore

It's impossible to eat badly in Singapore. But there's somewhere you can't miss. 

... In Canada

O Canada! Find out when and where the locals come out to play. 

sri lanka
... In Sri Lanka

One of the hottest destinations of recent times - and here's why

... In France

There's one tiny thing you can do that will open doors.  

... In USA

Narrow down the list of things to do in this vast country.


 best Kept Travel Secrets

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What Foreigners Think Of Kiwis
What foreigners think of kiwis

What does the world really think about the average Kiwi? Find out here.

The World’s Most Pointless Travel Items
The World’s Most Pointless Travel Items

Not everything you pack will come in handy. These are the things you're better off leaving at home.

Man following woman
18 Signs You're About To Be Robbed!

Are you a street smart traveller? Can you spot these telltale signs you're about to be robbed?

20 Tips For Long-Term Travellers

Heading off for more than a month? There are more than a few things you need to think about.

people jumping on the beach
Shocking Tour Stories

On any tour around the world, no matter what the age of the passengers, you'll find some shocking things going on.

air hostess
8 Things Airline Hosties Don't Want You To Know 

They’re your smiley, helpful friends in the sky. But airline hosties have a few secrets.

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