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why do you Need seniors travel insurance?

Travel insurance for seniors can give you peace of mind on your upcoming trip by covering overseas medical expenses, luggage theft, cancellation fees and much more. 

Whether you're looking for travel insurance for over 50s, over 60s, or over 70s, our travel insurance policies offers coverage for Kiwi seniors of all ages. Depending on your age, we may require a little more information from you, and exclusions apply. 

For Over 60s, Over 70s and beyond…we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on where to go, when to go and what risks to avoid. Check out our seniors holiday guide to start planning and dreaming about yoru next trip! 

Benefits of Seniors Travel Insurance

See below for just a few of the benefits seniors travel insurance provide. For a full list of benefits, see our coverage page. Note: If you need a policy for multiple trips a year, see our Annual/Frequent Traveller Insurance page

Unlimited Medical

Unlimited Medical

We offer unlimited medical cover for all travellers under 80, so you can travel with peace of mind. See the Policy Wording for details. 

Unlimited Trips In One Year

Long-Trip Cover

We offer cover for trips up to 12 months long for all ages below 80. Adventurers aged 80+ can get cover for trips up to six months long.  

Unlimited Cancellation

Unlimited Cancellation

Plans change before you travel. That's why we offer unlimited cover for cancellation fees or lost deposits.

Grandkids Go Free

Grandkids Covered For No Extra

  • Travelling with your grandkids? They’re covered for no extra cost. We only charge you for each adult on your policy.

This page was last updated on: 25 February 2020

Table of Benefits - Seniors Travel Insurance

1Cover offers a Medical Only travel insurance policy and a Comprehensive travel insurance policy for New Zealand seniors looking to travel overseas. Compare the benefits below, or see the full details in the Policy Wording. Refer to the Policy Wording for full details or get a quote now

Senior Travel Insurance Policy Benefit Comprehensive
(Single-Trip & Frequent Traveller)
Medical Only
(available for ages 74 and under)

Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance^



Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses^*



Includes Dental Expenses (per adult)^



Resumption Of Journey^*



Hospital Cash Allowance^*



Accidental Death*



Permanent Disability^*



Loss of Income^*



Credit Card Fraud & Replacement^



Includes Travel Documents & Traveller's Cheques^



Theft Of Cash^#



Luggage & Personal Effects*



Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses^



Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses*



Includes Family Emergency*



Includes Emergency Companion Cover*



Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits*



Disruption Of Journey*



Alternative Transport Expenses^



Personal Liability#

$5 million

$5 million

Domestic Pets^*



Domestic Services^*



Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess#*


This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include full terms, conditions and exclusions. Sub-limits may also apply. Please read the Policy Wording.

Unless otherwise specified in the Policy Wording: Sections 12, 12A, 12B & 13 - If you claim for the same or similar cancelled services/facilities or alternative arrangements under sections 12, 12A, 12B & 13, we will only pay the higher of the two amounts, not both. Benefit limits are per adult traveller. For accompanying dependants the policy benefits are shared with the adult traveller.

^^ You only have this cover for these sections if the relevant pack has been purchased.
*  Sub-limits apply
^  You do not have cover under these sections while travelling in New Zealand.
# Limits are per policy regardless of persons the claim relates to.


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Customise your travel insurance

Cruise Pack

Cruise Pack 

Cruising is a popular choice for over 60s, 70s, and beyond! Adding a Cruise Pack to your policy will cover you while you sail the seas. See Policy Wording for full details.

Winter Sports Pack

Winter Sports Pack

Active seniors love hitting the slopes, and a Winter Sports Pack will help cover you while you're away. See Policy Wording for full details.

Rental Car Cover

Additional rental Vehicle Excess

Most of 1Cover’s policies protect you with up to $5,000 in rental vehicle excess cover. But you can increase your rental vehicle excess cover to $8,000. 


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    First time I've had to make a claim. Speed of process was quite unbelievable.

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over-60s travel: Protect Yourself

72-year old Te Ao Maaka was on her way to Bali International Airport for a flight home to New Zealand when she suffered a heart attack. She was taken to hospital but refused treatment by doctors until demands for payment by hospital staff were met. Thankfully, Te Ao Maaka had a seniors travel insurance policy with 1Cover. 

1Cover alleviated the stress of the situation by handling payments for medical assistance and making sure her family was by her side. Te Ao Maaka was in hospital with family by her side for 13 days before being repatriated to New Zealand on a comfortable flight. Back home, she made a complete recovery from her heart attack. 

Watch Te Ao’s story to find out more.

FAQs - Seniors Travel Insurance

  • What ages does senior travel insurance cover?
  • Over 50s, over 60s, over 70s ... we cover travellers of all ages. If you have any specific questions regarding travel insurance for seniors, please call our friendly customer service team

  • What if i’m going cruising?
  • Things like medical costs can really blow out on a cruise. Whether you’re going on a domestic cruise or an overseas cruise, a  Cruise Pack is required to be covered for anything that happens at sea. 

    You need to tell us about each country you’ll be visiting on your cruise to be covered for those countries. 

  • Do I need Travel Insurance for a Domestic Cruise?
  • Once your ship leaves port, even if you're cruising New Zealand waters, you’re no longer covered for hospital or medical expenses by Medicare or your private health care provider, meaning they won't cover any expenses incurred on-board the ship. You’re also not covered by Medicare and private health when you leave the boat for cruise excursions.

    If you want medical travel insurance on your cruise, you’ll need to purchase a Cruise Pack to cover you. If you’re taking a cruise within New Zealand waters, you will need to select a Comprehensive policy with the Cruise Pack add-on and select "New Zealand Cruise" as the destination/region. You can find out more about choosing your cruise region here.

  • Can I Apply To Extend My Travel Insurance Policy?
  • Yes. You must extend your policy before it expires (11.59pm AEST/AEDST). To extend your policy, you simply need to call the call centre on 0800 000 333, email us at [email protected] or speak to a call centre representative via online chat.

    If you call us, one of our trained travel insurance specialists will assist you in the policy extension. You'll be issued with a quote for the policy extension period, and you'll need to process a payment for this extended period. Please note: there may be instances where a policy extension is not available.

  • What Is A Pre-Existing Medical Condition?
  • A pre-existing medical condition is a condition you have at the time of buying your medical condition. It may affect your travel insurance options. See our pre-existing medical condtions page for more information. 

  • What Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Cannot Be Covered?
  • If a medical condition is not automatically covered, it needs to be disclosed. This doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be covered at all, but there may be certain conditions where you’ll need to pay a bit extra for your pre-existing condition to be covered. Alternatively, you may be able to get cover, but not for your pre-existing condition. You’ll find out when you take the short medical assessment during the purchase process. 

  • If I can’t get cover for my pre-existing medical condition, can I still buy a policy?
  • During the purchase process, you can fill out a short medical questionnaire which will tell you whether you’re covered or not.

    If your condition is not covered, you may still be able to purchase travel insurance that can cover you for events not related to your condition. If we can't cover your condition, it means that anyone under your policy would not be able to claim for any costs arising from, related to, or associated with, your pre-existing medical condition/s.

  • Am I covered for stopovers?
  • You need to include all destinations you're travelling to, apart from stopovers of less than two nights – except the USA. If you're travelling to the USA for any part of your journey then you need to include it in the destinations you are travelling to.

  • What Happens If I Come Home Early?
  • Your policy covers the full duration of your trip. There are no refunds should you come home earlier than planned.

  • What if I’m only travelling domestically?
  • Many people assume they don’t need domestic travel insurance because of Medicare. But there are still plenty of things that can go wrong on a domestic trip: lost luggage, or cancelled plans due to flight delays/cancellations, natural disasters like bushfires, or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • What if I’m a frequent traveller?
  • Whether you’re in your 50s, or you’re over 60, or over might want to travel - a lot! That’s why we give you the option of purchasing an annual policy. This may be a more convenient alternative to purchasing a policy each time you go on a holiday or overseas trip. Visit our annual travel insurance page for details.




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