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1Cover NZ Rated 8.6 out of 1260 reviews

Claims experience
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Customer service

Claimed once and continual...

I've used 1 cover for about 8 years. Claimed once about 4years ago and paid out instantly. I always use them, won't change. They're affordable and efficient.

Cheaper because it offers ...

Try to understand that unless something goes wrong exactly the way the describe it in the policy you get nothing. The claim cost us high and key claims are easy to be rejected with the wording they use. Try to search medical emergency that force you to return home. You can't if you're out of money. No option no matter the plan. Waste of money if you're not going exploring to ucknown regions!

Lost medication not genera...

Surprised that a visit to a doctor to replace medication is not covered esp when I demonstrated that I had done everything possible to retrieve from TSA.

Exceptional in Every Way

I have used 1Cover for international travel insurance for over 10 years travelling annually to Europe. Their comprehensive package is great value, the staff are friendly and helpful, and if I have ever needed to claim, this has been actioned by them very quickly and payment made straight to my bank account. Cannot fault them. Highly recommended.

Great, easy product to buy...

Really simple interface to purchase and claim process was easy. Only had to claim once having bought many policies over the past couple of years - quick response by 1Cover.

Excellent quick responses ...

We had to call doctors in Dubai for our 8 year old son and I first rung your 0800 number (at 4.30am Dubai time) to make sure we were fully covered. Your very helpful operator told me that we were fuilly covered to do "what we had to to". this was a very large relief. Our costs came to $3,500 so was a burden. On our return your claims team were nothing less than awesome and made the process very seamless. Thank you

Always my go to place for ...

Our past decade of travel has been consistently covered by 1Cover. Fortunately, only one claim in all of that time, but no issues on having it handled. 100% confident that our health and travel needs are protected when buying this coverage.

Travel refund

As the documents were too large to send by email, we couriered them to your Claims Office in Queensland but they were not uplifted for several days. Once they were, your responses to our claim were speedily dealt with. Much appreciate and we will definitely use 1Cover again and recommend your services to friends.

Generally good value. Disa...

The overall coverage offered was most satisfactory and of good value. However, our trip involved continuous bicycle touring (panniers, tents etc) and absolutely no cover was available for the bikes which was disappointing given the significance the bikes had to our travelling.

value for money plus great...

The staff was really helpful when contacted, they were happy to help and looking for ways to assist the nurses are very capable and will not take chances if they are not sure about certain symptoms they would advise you to visit the doctor's rather than misdiagnose.

Highly recommended

Swift response and service...

This insurance was recommended by a friend the response from travel insurance was swift when I needed to ask questions to classify things the help person was wonderful being my first time it was so easy. Will definitely recommend this insurance such a peace of mind and definitely will use again.

One Cover...Number 1!

One Cover will always be our number one cover for travel insurance...Have used them a few times now and after lodging our first claim for a car incident in Tahiti they were very prompt and no problems what so ever..Also calling them for a specific insurance we needed in Tahiti was so easy and the correct insurance cover was emailed to me immediately..The price for their packages are second to none and they have excellent cover so you really do have peace of mind..Thankyou again One trip Hawaii August 2020..looking forward to signing up again.

Poor Structure and Commun...

Multiple contacts, file not always updated. Post discussions or emails, Your online claim team made our straight forward claim incredibly difficult!

When I had to claim I foun...

Our claim was very simple but we found the process was very easy and had very quick responses from the 1 cover staff. Everything was done by email and we rate the service we have had very high. Would highly recommend your insurance to others.

When I had to claim I foun...

Our claim was very simple but we found the process was very easy and had very quick responses from the 1 cover staff. Everything was done by email and we rate the service we have had very high. Would highly recommend your insurance to others.

Amazing overseas support

The support when I needed medical assistance was outstanding. The compassionate support and guidance with phone calls and emails was so unexpected but so very reassuring
Thank you all so very very much

Easy and efficient

we claimed back our travel to Vietnam as I fell pregnant and was no longer able to travel. They required a lot of documents as expected but I found it difficult to upload the whole lot in 1 go. I had to do each one seperately which was slightly annoying. Would’ve rather dealt with an individual and send through email. Otherwise, awesome service and will definitely use them every time I travel

5 star company

1 cover is a first rate travel insurance. They are very helpful. When we had to make a claim they supported us all the way. I wouldn't use any other travel insurance.

Great experience

I’ve travelled using 1cover insurance a few times now and wouldn’t go with anyone else. Organising insurance was super simple and affordable.

Quick and easy

I always use one cover. It’s so quick and easy and to know your fully covered makes your holiday that much more enjoyable .