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1Cover NZ Rated 8.6 out of 1260 reviews

Claims experience
Value for money
Customer service

Excellent travel insurance...

We felt that all our travel insurance needs were well covered in particular the hire car excess as car hire companies charge too much for lowering their excess rates. It was easy to organise insurance online through 1cover, the service was good and the cost was very reasonable.

Claims process

Recently we had to make claim due to illness- received clear communication by email and phone early on. Queries were set out well and easy to resolve. We felt 1 Cover was working for us not against us. Recommended and would use again,.

Great value

I traveled to Kenya, and 1 Cover were the only company to cover Kenya, and at a very good rate considering i have ' a pre-existing condition'.
I have just traveled to Rarotonga, another company quoted $145. 1 cover quoted $56 both included medical repatriation. I will always use 1 Cover

Very poor ppublic relation...

After the hassle (and the fact we had had several trips using them) we thought we may get our whole premium repaid as a good will gesture.

Good value .

Had to phone for policy , great customer service and clearly explained .More than happy being able to get medical cover only .
No claim , i wonder how smooth that would be .

Chose 1cover as insurance ...

Didn't make any claims or need extra support so can't really review in depth the quality of 1Cover but so far so good.

Highly recommend.

Had to claim which was an easy online form. I had a response within 2 weeks and reimbursed 2 days later. Great service, easy and hassle free. Will definitely get travel insurance with these guys again.

Travel Insurance

Great company to deal with as I have had a heart attack 6 years ago and have stents. Some other companies didn't want to insure me or the price was very expensive. 1 Cover were very well priced and very quick in coming back to me to confirm that I had the insurance I needed to travel with. I will definitely use them again.

1Cover to Australia

Fortunately did not have to make a claim. Would use 1Cover again if and when I travel out of NZ. Very easy to apply on line, customer service very good.

Best travel insurance for ...

Always use 1 Cover. The have the best policy cover and the only specific " Ski Pack " I could find. Covers you anywhere inside the resort.

Very quick and fair on claims as well. They are " The Real Deal " .

Thanks very much

Easy to get and extend ins...

Luckily I didn't have to make a claim but when one of my flights got cancelled which resulted in my trip being extended by a day, I didn't think to extend my travel insurance. Luckily, I received an email from 1Cover asking if I needed to extend my cover. It was then very easy and cheap to extend my insurance by a day. It was very easy to extend and very easy to get cover.

Quick and Easy

Easiest and cheapest travel insurance by far. I buy both international and domestic from 2 - 16 days. Great cover.

Good value

Fortunately we have not had to use One Cover but it is easy to join on line and seems good value for money

Good value and great claim...

As a family we have been using 1Cover for a number of years on multiple occasions. We have only had to claim once which was a few years ago when we were unable to make a connection due to fog. The claims agent could not have been more helpful nor the procedure any easier.

Covered me for preexisting...

Covered for preexisting condition. I didn't need to claim. However the cover made me feel secure. Quick and easy signup.

All was absolutely fine.

Everything was fine BUT we were lucky as our LATAM flight from Sydney to Akld was cancelled and I didn't even think about our insurance running out. Of Course LATAM put us up for the night and paid for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus our shuttles and it was all marvellous. As I said, we were very lucky we didn't have any kind of mishap as we would have been out of luck. Perhaps it pays to insure a day or two past your due date of return.

Absolutely horrible experi...

I had to cancel my tickets due to some complications with pregnancy. Lodged the complain nearly 2 months ago - and still nothing! I had 3-4 emails to provide all sorts of additional information from GP, then midwife, then again GP, and again midwife... and it seems like an endless process. It feels to me you really want to avoide compensating and trying to find any lame reason to do so! Is this customer service? It's not the first time that we had insurance with your company, but this is the last time. You are happily taking money from people, and mostly everything goes fine. But when your customers require your assistance - you are doing everything possible to avoide supporting them. This is absolutely hossible and disgusting, that you are trying to make your money like that, at the cost of other people who need you, and had trust to be your clients.
You are welcome to give me a call if you would like more clarification.

Insurance after illness

1Cover provided insurance following a recent illness (13 months ago) whereas some companies either would not insure or demanded prohibitive premiums. Fortunately we did not have to experience the claims system but with our experience so far we are confident the process would be as smooth as the purchase has been.


From our first phone call at a time when most people are off work we were impressed with the service offered. We will definitely be using OneCover for our next insurance

Very easy to apply.

This is the second time I have used One Cover. We are happy with the amount of cover given and enabled us to take our grand daughter away with us at no extra cost