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1Cover NZ Rated 8.6 out of 1116 reviews

Claims experience
Value for money
Customer service

Car hire claim

Easy guidelines and response with no hassle.
Claim approved within 1-2 days when following directions and uploading required documentation.
Have always and will continue to use 1cover for my travel needs.

Easy to make a claim

Submitted all paperwork to make a claim online and heard from 1Cover within the timeframe stipulated. That was all that was needed and they said it was covered and received payment in time frame said again. Easy to deal with.

Super easy

I have used 1 cover twice now and I love how simple, yet practical it is. Getting cover is so fast and having cover is a great way to travel without the stress.

I had to provide 3 times t...

I spend about 3 weeks of my holidays with administration work, to put the claim in. I had the impression nobody took the time to look at the documents and sent prefabricated letter again. When somebody looked at the documents (I send 3 times) the answer was swift and the money paid out in a very short time. Well done, but the beginning was not good.

Travel to USA

No claims required with this policy: The ease to obtain Travel Insurance, with some pre conditions included in the base cover and value for money has been found to be more favourable than other Travel Insurance Providers that I have enquired about.

I always feel safe with 1C...

It's a win-win situation when I don't have to make a claim, great for me, great for the insurers, underwriters and all involved. So this could be a pretty boring review.

I could mention that booking cover on-line was quick and straightforward, or I could tell you a little about my holiday, or even my cat, who is bugging me by rubbing his big wooly head on the keyboard as I type.

Instead, I'll tell you about why I feel safe with 1Cover.

Nine years ago, I wasn't so lucky on a trip to Ireland. I ruptured my Achilles tendon. Fortunately, I'd taken out a policy with 1Cover. The service provided on that occasion was exemplary. When someone is injured, they don't want to deal with people who are trying to save a buck or two here and there. In that situation, people need good honest robust care, and that is what I received. When I said I couldn't manage to fly back to NZ without having my leg raised, it was arranged. When an unexpected bill turned up from the hospital that had kept me in a corridor overnight, assessed then discharged me, I passed it on to 1Cover, and didn't hear another word about it.
The people I spoke to we courteous and kind.

If only all insurance companies operated in this manner!
Thank you, 1Cover.

Awesome, didn't need t...

5 years ago I had to cancel my trip to Europe ( tramping trip in Iceland) due to unexpected illness from my husband. 1 Cover paid all of my expensive trip back except the access.
Amazing service and will be a customer every time I travel for sure.

Great company for travel i...

We have used 1 Cover for several years now as they are so easy to deal with. We unfortunately once had to make a claim and they were so quick and stress free and we have always gone straight to them for all our family's travel insurance since.

Great company for travel i...

We did have to make a claim a few years ago when our flight was delayed and 1 Cover were so quick and easy to deal with. Since then we have always used 1 Cover for all of our family travel insurance. Thank you.


Such an easy Company to deal with.
Even with pre-existing conditions it was so easy to complete purchase on line.Good premiums as well.


Insurance companies seem to be all about making money & when it comes down to making a claim throws something in the mix to disvade going through the claim process.I had a domestic flight cancelled on first day of holiday on our way to catch international flight. Got invoice from alternative airline company but still not good enough. 1cover wanted a letter from Air new zealand claiming fog on the day. Something I hadn't forseen when making a claim. Along with $200 excess would only have received $88 so chose not to bother.

Quick efficient service an...

I have used 1 Cover for the past couple of years as I travel off-shore often. They are very easy to work with - quick, efficient and no messing around.

I have just had to make a claim and that has gone smoothly.

Kia ora.

No Fuss

I needed to get surgery urgently whilst overseas and 1cover did not mess around. I was in a lot of pain and they took care of absolutely everything

Good package

Find it a good package has all I need especially the car rental coverage. Had to make a claim a few years ago paid out very quickly.

Easy to purchase

No problem purchasing this Travel Insurance on line. Very fast response and comprehensive cover without medical certification.
Recommend to anyone.

Claims Experience

I had to cancel my holiday because I damaged my knee (torn miniscus). It was quite a substantial amount as I received no refund for a tour I was doing and I had booked non-refundable flights in the US. I submitted my claim and all the required documentation on Thursday and on the Monday I was advised that my claim had been accepted and the money would be paid the following week. I was very impressed with the quick turn around and response from 1 Cover

Great company

We chose 1cover as we had a very good experience with claiming last time we used them - far better than an opposition company which was booked through travel agent.

Value for money

Very easy to put a claim in if you are unfortunate enough to need to lodge one. Very good value for money and we were recommended by another traveler to use 1Cover.

No claim required so quite...

I was reasonably pleased with the cost but the reason for taking out insurance is in the unlikely event of a claim and as this was not required we are happy with the outcome.


We wouldn't go past 1 Cover for our travel insurance needs. They are reasonably priced and if needing to make a claim, as long as you have your documentation they are fast and very efficient.