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Scooter Rental travel Insurance

Ready to travel on two wheels? Here's some fast facts about this exhilarating sport:

  • Figures in 2017 show that roughly 20 per cent of the total road fatalities were on motorcycles or scooters. 
  • Head trauma, road rash, muscle damage and biker’s arm are some of the most common motorbike and scooter injuries.
  • Most insured travellers are not entirely sure if they are covered by insurance on a motorcycle/moped/scooter.
  • Studies show that the Dominican Republic is one the most dangerous place to drive a scooter, with Thailand a close second.
  • Motorcycle and scooter crashes represent almost 70% of all road deaths in Cambodia.

Keep reading to find out what travel insurance can help you with if you’re planning to hire a scooter this holiday. 

What do we cover if you're renting a scooter?

If you find yourself in trouble on a two-wheeler, we might be able to help. Riding a scooter is covered on all of 1Cover's travel insurance policies if: 

  • You're the driver and you hold a current, valid New Zealand motorcycle license (engine capacity greater than 50cc)
  • You're the passenger on a moped, scooter or motorcycle and the person driving has a valid license for the country you're in
  • You're wearing a helmet in line with local laws/requirements.

For most policies (except Domestic policies), we provide medical and hospital assistance, and medical evacuation, if it's deemed necessary. Find out your options here

what don't We Cover If you're renting a scooter?

You won’t be covered for anything arising from your scooter riding if:

  • You’re under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or drugs (except a prescribed drug)
  • You’re part of a competition or participating professionally (not recreational)
  • You don’t follow instructions and/or wear the appropriate safety gear
  • You are in breach of your vehicle rental agreement
  • You have a pre-existing medical condition that affects your scooter riding and you never told us about it.

    Please note that you are not covered for damage to scooters or motorbikes. Insurance on the vehicle is generally included in your daily rental cost for the bike.  Two-wheeled vehicles do not meet our definition of a rental vehicle.


The one place for first time scooter riding

By Award Winning Travel Writer Ben Groundwater


There’s a moment when you round one of the bends in the road, when the sun is beaming down on your arms, when the wind is whistling past your helmet, and when the beauty of the Sardinian coastline suddenly reveals itself: the rugged coastline, the quaint villages, the impossibly clear blue water dotted with yachts and motorboats. That’s when you realise that this might just be the best travel experience you’ve ever had.

This is scooter riding on the Italian island of Sardinia. This is the experience of hiring a Vespa or something similar and spending a week or two exploring, discovering, relaxing, enjoying life on two wheels.

It might sound a little intimidating to first-timers, but it really shouldn’t. Sardinia is actually the ideal destination for those still learning the ropes in the world of two-wheelers. Life moves slowly on this sunny isle. Pretty much all of the roads in Sardinia – those beautiful windy roads that hug coastlines and climb through mountains – are limited to 50 kilometres per hour. Drivers don’t have the same lunacy as you might find in mainland Italy. It’s relaxed. It’s calm.

And the scenery is almost too beautiful to describe. You’ve never seen clearer water. You’ve never felt such an urge to park the bike by the side of the road and take a quick dip to wash away the cares of travel. You’ve never seen villages and towns so postcard-perfect, whether they hug the coast or sit high in the mountains. You’ve never seen rugged hills as lovely, as inviting to those on two wheels ready to gun an engine into a curve and climb to the top.

There are still precautions to take if you want to hire and ride a scooter in Sardinia. You’ll need to have a license back home to ride a two-wheeler. It will help, too, to have some experience, to at least know your indicators from your ignition, to be able to take in the scenery while also keeping an eye on traffic and not make any mistakes. Not all hire companies supply high-quality helmets either: if you’re concerned, bring your own with you from home.

Do all of those things and you’re in for one of the world’s great experiences. Sardinia by scooter. That’s amore.

DISCLAIMER: The views stated are the views of the author only, are written for entertainment purposes, and are not intended as advice in regards to insurance or otherwise.

Stay safe: Scooter Rental Top tips 

  • If you don't have a license, don't get on a scooter

    You'll need to have a vaild New Zealand license and a be riding a scooter of 50cc's or less. A common bike that is rented in Bali is a 100cc or 125cc four gear, semi-automatic Honda known in Indonesia as "Bebek". If you are to ride a bike that is over 50cc's then you need to have an New Zealand Motorbike license. 

  • wear a helmet

    A motorcycle helmet and appropriate safety gear should be worn, even if it's not one of the requirements of where you are. 

  • use your horn

    People don't aways use their horns in New Zealand and when they do, it's out of surprise or shock. But in other countries, especially ones where people ride close together, a honk is the primary means of letting others know that you're there. 

  • Road surface conditions can be sub-standard

    Whilst the main danger might seem like the other vehicles on the road, a high percentage of accidents are caused by poor road surface conditions. Keep an eye on the roads, and keep your speed down to minimise this risk. 

  • Don't drink and drive

    It's simple, if you've been drinking alcohol, you're putting yourself in danger and your travel insurance will be invalid.

  • Rent from a reputable company

    We don't cover damage to rental vehicles, so it's important you check the agreement you have with your rental company. There have been cases of travellers being held accountable for damage to a vehicle they didn't cause. Make sure the rental company is legitimate, ask for a pre-rental damage report, and take photos of the vehicle before you leave.

Scooter Rental FAQs

  • Will I be covered if I ride a scooter, moped or motorcycle while overseas? 
  • If you are in control of a motorcycle or scooter with an engine capacity greater than 50cc, you need to hold a current, valid New Zealand motorcycle license.

    You also need to be aware that cover will not be provided to you if you are a passenger on a moped, scooter or motorcycle, and the person in control does not have a valid license for the country you are in. 

    Please note that it's compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a motorbike or scooter in many countries. But regardless of local requirements, 1Cover advises you to wear a motorcycle helmet whenever you are a rider or passenger on a scooter or motorbike. 

  • Am I covered for personal liability while on a scooter?
  • We don't offer personal liability cover whilst you are in ownership or in control of a motor vehicle, motorbike or scooter, and we don’t replace any aspect of car insurance.

    However, we offer personal liability in regards to legal liability for payment of compensation in respect of death or bodily injury, and/or physical loss of, or damage to property. This benefit only applies when you are not in control of a motorised vehicle. 

  • How much am I covered for if something happens to me while I’m on a scooter?
  • Provided you are within the parameters stated in the Policy Wording, and you don’t have a Domestic or Frequent Traveller Domestic policy, then the medical benefit we offer is unlimited. Terms and conditions apply. Please note: we do not cover for Search and Rescue. 

  • Will I be covered if the rented scooter is damaged or stolen?
  • You would need to have insurance with your rental provider, as we do not provide direct cover for your vehicle. We only provide cover for you medically if you are in an accident.

  • Are scooters, mopeds or motorcycles covered under rental vehicle excess?
  • Rental vehicle excess cover is not applicable for scooters and motorcycles. 

  • What if i need medical assistance?
  • In an emergency, get yourself to hospital. As soon as it's possible, we advise that you or a member of your travelling party call our medical assistance team who will be able to liaise with you or the hospital. 



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