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Student Travel Insurance

Backpacking, going on exchange, or volunteering...? Explore the world with travel insurance by your side. 

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student Travel Insurance

Travelling while you're a student opens up the world like nothing else. It's an incredible adventure to leave home behind - but there are a few things to remember: 

  • Check, double check, triple check your visas and passports. Make sure they're valid for the time you're away.
  • Register your travel plans. It’s a good idea to tell the government that you’ll be away for an extended period of time. You can do this at
  • Get your travel insurance! Good value travel insurance from a trusted provider lowers the risk of handing out thousands of dollars if something happens overseas.Here’s a great example of why travel insurance matters.

Student Travel Insurance Benefits

Unlimited Medical


Travel with total peace of mind. If anything goes wrong you've got unlimited emergency assistance and medical cover. 

Unlimited Trips In One Year

Cover For Your
Favourite Things 

Whether its a laptop, phone, handbag or skateboard, we cover up to $15K of lost, stolen or damaged luggage & items.  

Unlimited Cancellation


If you need to cancel your trip or the unexpected occurs, we provide unlimited cover for cancellation fees or lost deposits.

24/7 emergency

24/7 Emergency Assistance

It can be scary if something goes wrong in a new place. That's why our our emergency team is available to help you 24/7.

Activities Cover

100+ Activities Cover

Rental Car Excess Cover

Rental Vehicle excess

Road-tripping is a common way to sight-see while overseas, and that’s why we offer up to $5,000 cover for rental car excess if your vehicle is damaged or stolen.

Unlimited Trips In One Year

Long Trip Cover

If you're going away for a long time, you'll be glad to know that we offer cover for trips up to 12 months long. Explore the world and travel happy with 1Cover. 

Three Policies To Choose From

Customise Your Policy

Anything can happen while you’re away and if you need to add destinations, change your policy add-ons or extend your cover, you can do it in your Policy Manager

Table of Benefits - Student Travel Insurance

Explore our table of benefits below to see the policy benefits provided by our comprehensive travel insurance policies for both overseas and domestic travel. For full information on all of our policies, see the Policy Wording or get an instant quote now

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy Benefit


Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance



Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses

Unlimited X

Includes Dental Expenses (per adult)



Resumption Of Journey



Hospital Cash Allowance



Accidental Death



Permanent Disability



Loss of Income



Credit Card Fraud & Replacement



Includes Travel Documents & Traveller's Cheques



Theft Of Cash



Luggage & Personal Effects



Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses



Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses



Includes Family Emergency



Includes Emergency Companion Cover



Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits



Disruption Of Journey



Alternative Transport Expenses



Personal Liability

$5 million

$5 million

Domestic Pets



Domestic Services



Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess





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Optional Coverage

Cruise Pack 

If you’re thinking of taking a cruise while you’re away, you might want to add the Cruise Pack to your policy to ensure you’re covered at sea. See Policy Wording for full details

Winter Sports Pack

If you’re going to take part in skiing, snowboarding or any other winter sports, you might want to consider adding our Winter Sports Pack to your policy. See Policy Wording for full details.

Additional Rental Vehicle Excess

Most of 1Cover’s policies protect you with up to $5,000 in rental vehicle excess cover. But you have the option of increasing this cover to $8,000. 


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Where are you Going?

Find out everything you need to know about travel insurance for the following destinations:


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FAQs About Travel Insurance For Students

  • What Are The Benefits Of Having Travel Insurance For My Trip? 
  • When you travel it's all about the new and unknown which unfortunately means you never know what could go wrong. Things like medical emergencies while overseas could cost $50,000+, and then there's lost luggage, stolen belongings and delayed flights which are more expenses on top of an already costly holiday.

    Travel is unpredictable and travel insurance is there to help provide you peace of mind that when the unexpected happens, we'll be there to help out. We advise you to read the Policy Wording to make sure this product is right for you. If you have any questions please call our friendly call centre

  • Can I Apply To Extend My Travel Insurance Policy?
  • Yes. You must extend your policy before it expires (11.59pm AEST/AEDST). To extend your policy, use our online policy manager, or email us at [email protected] or speak to a call centre representative via online chat. One of our trained travel insurance specialists will assist you in the policy extension. You'll be issued with a quote for the policy extension period. And you'll need to process a payment for this extended period. Please note there may be instances where a policy extension is not available

  • What Happens If I Leave my Belongings Unsupervised And They are Stolen?
  • If you leave your belongings unattended or unsupervised and they are stolen we are unable to cover them. Always keep watch of your belongings and ensure you or someone you trust is looking after them.  

  • Am I Covered If I'm Affected By Drugs or Alcohol When my Claim Event Occurs?
  • Being intoxicated is a general exclusion under the 1Cover policy wording and you will not be covered.

    Our policy states that any claim arising from being intoxicated, addicted or under the influence of liquor or drugs, except those prescribed by a medical adviser, will not be covered.

  • Am I Covered If I Break The Law And A Claim Event Occurs?
  • No. For obvious reasons we can't help you out here. Always adhere to local laws.    

  • Will my complimentary university travel insurance cover me if I’m on an exchange?
  • Your complimentary university travel insurance may cover you for travel during the semester, but if you plan to do any travelling outside of term time, or to countries other than where your exchange is taking place, then you may not be covered.

  • What if I only get a Medical-Only policy?
  • Medical Only policies do not provide cover for luggage or any personal belongings, so you will need to purchase a comprehensive policy. Our comprehensive policies provide cover for up to $3000 for laptops, handheld computers, cameras and video cameras.

  • Will I be Covered If I Travel To A Country With An Official Travel Warning?
  • All countries have travel advice levels and you always check these prior to travelling. If a government or other official body have issued a specific "Do Not Travel" or "Reconsider your need to travel" warning and you go, you will not be covered. For more information, please see SafeTravel.

  • What Happens If I Come Home Early?
  • Your policy covers the full duration of your trip as stated on your Certificate of Insurance. There are no refunds should you go home earlier than planned.



Going Bungee Jumping, Sailing, or motorbiking?
We cover 100+ Activities and sports. 


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Medical Questions 

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travel alerts

Travel Alerts

The one thing you should do before you get travel insurance is look at 1Cover Travel Alerts. You’ll find information on world events/disasters that may affect your policy.

What Travel Insurance Covers

In addition to reading the Policy Wording, you can find out exactly what and what you’re not covered for with this handy resource

emergency contact

Emergency Contacts

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If something happens while you’re away, make sure you contact us straight-away so we can advise you on the best thing to do. 


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