Emily's Bad luck in Bali


Emily Gurr is a huge fan of Bali. That’s despite her being rescued from the holiday island after things went wrong — not once, but twice.

Emily's Dengue Disaster 

When model Emily Gurr was 21, she was enjoying a holiday in Vietnam with a friend. It was a typical holiday: food, culture, and good times. From Vietnam, Emily flew to Bali to meet other friends and it's here that she woke up one day, debilitated from a dengue fever virus that she had picked up from a mosquito in Vietnam. From here began a holiday nightmare...but with 1Cover's help, Emily was evacuated form Bali to Darwin for treatment. 

Watch the full $52,000 ordeal above. 


Emily's Motorcycle mishaps

A few years later, Emily found herself back in Bali, a place she holds dear, despite what had happened to her when she got dengue fever. This time she was out walking to dinner, when a motorbike rider lost control fo his vehicle and fell on her ankle. She originally thought it was just a minor sprain, but the pain became excruciating. She wasn't sure what to do and got in touch with 1Cover, and was flown home soon after on a business class Qantas flight. It turned out her ankle was broken in four places and she needed seven screws and a plate in her ankle. 

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