Theft Of Cash 

At 1Cover, we know how many months of hard earned savings goes into your holiday. That is why we provide you with coverage for the loss of cash, bank notes, currency notes or postal orders.


What's Covered?

  • We will pay for cash, bank notes, currency notes postal orders or money orders stolen from your person during your Journey.*
  • Report the incident the police. This must be done within 24 hours of when the incident occurs and you need a written statement from such authority, such as a police report.
  • This cover is only included on our overseas comprehensive, overseas annual multi trip and already overseas plans.*
  • How much is covered? We cover up to $250 under this policy cover.


What's Not Covered?

  • We will not pay if the cash, bank notes, currency notes postal orders or money orders were not on your person at the time they were stolen.
  • Make sure you report the incident. We will not pay if you do not report the theft within 24 hours to the police.

  • We will not pay if you cannot provide us with a written statement from the police.

  • See the PDS for full details of these exclusions and for what is and isn't covered.



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