Why Do I Need To Purchase The Winter Sports Pack?

If you are going skiing or engaging in any winter sports, then you must purchase the Winter Sports Pack to be covered.

If you’re partaking in skiing or snow-related activities, you will only be covered for anything that happens to you, if you’ve purchased in the Winter Sports Pack.

You need to purchase the Winter Sports Pack with a 1Cover policy (except you can’t purchase it with EssentialsMedical Only and Visitors to New Zealand policies). All you need to do is select the pack when you’re buying your policy.

If you don’t purchase winter sports pack, you won’t have coverage for things like emergency medical assistance, additional accommodation and travel expenses, family emergency, and you also won’t have coverage for things like piste closure and cancellation because of bad weather, etc.

The winter sports pack must be purchased at least 24 hours before participating in winter sports activities.

If you purchase the winter sports pack under a Frequent Traveller plan, the maximum duration we will cover you for winter sports activities is 21 days for the whole duration of the policy, not per journey.


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