Does Comprehensive insurance mean i don't need rental vehicle insurance?


Our Comprehensive travel insurance provides cover for the rental excess if you hire a rental vehicle on your journey from a licensed rental agency.

If the car company is offering you additional cover they are usually referring to an excess reduction fee which is paid to the car company to reduce the excess on the motor vehicle insurance to $0.

1Cover offers you cover for this rental vehicle insurance excessBut note that this doesn’t take place of the rental vehicle insurance.

We don't cover you for personal liability while driving/riding - this cover should be sought through your car rental company.

We will reimburse you up to $5,000 (there are options to increase this up to $8,000 on selected policies) for the excess that could be incurred in the event of an accident while you are driving, or if the rental vehicle is damaged or stolen while in your custody.

However, we advise that you talk to your rental car company about their insurance policies and what they cover.



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