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Is Medical Evacuation Covered?

Medical evacuation is included for all standard plans except for Domestic and Domestic Frequent Traveller plans.

In an emergency where you need to be evacuated, we advise that you, a member of your travelling party, or a family member call our medical assistance team as soon as possible.

If you are covered, they will liaise with the treating hospital to provide written guarantees of payment where possible for reasonable expenses, and to approve medical evacuation if deemed necessary.

For minor ailments, such as those that only require a GP visit, you may attend the doctor, pay for your visit upfront and then submit your claim either from overseas or once you return home.

Make sure that you keep all receipts and reports from your treating doctor, including the diagnosis and treatment notes and any other documents. If your total cost of treatment will exceed $1,000 you MUST contact our medical assistance team as soon as possible.

If, you are still uncertain about what to do in relation to an injury or illness, please contact our medical assistance team and they will assist you.

If you want to be covered for medical evacuation and you’re taking part in ski or snow sports, it’s advisable to purchase the Winter Sports Pack add-on at the time of purchase to be covered for medical evacuation.

If you’re going on a sea or river cruise, we advise you to purchase the Cruise Pack add-on when you purchase your policy to be covered for medical evacuation. This applies to domestic cruises as well, even if you’re purely cruising New Zealand waters.

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