Can you provide an interpreter in an emergency?

Our emergency assistance service may be able to help arrange a translator if needed. 

They may also be able to provide the following services if you injure yourself or become ill overseas: 

  • Arrange access to a medical adviser for emergency medical treatment while you are overseas.
  • Arrange medical transfer if you need to be transported to the nearest overseas hospital for emergency medical treatment, or arrange evacuation if you need to be brought back to New Zealand with appropriate medical supervision.
  • Liaise with the treating hospital to provide written guarantees of payment (where possible) for reasonable expenses, and to approve medical evacuation if deemed necessary.   
  • Pass on messages to your family or employer in the case of an emergency.

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Need Further Assistance?

Call 0800 000 333 from within New Zealand

Call +64 9886 2453 from overseas 

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