What Is Covered Under Rental Vehicle Excess?

There are several rental vehicle excess cover amounts across our different plans. We will reimburse you up to the rental vehicle excess insurance amount listed on your policy, covering any excess or deductible you become legally liable to pay under your rental vehicle hiring agreement.

It is payable if your rental vehicle is involved in an accident while you are driving, or if the rental vehicle is damaged or stolen while in your custody.

Please be aware this benefit does not take the place of rental vehicle insurance. Also, the following conditions must be met for cover to be available under this benefit:

  1. The rental vehicle must be rented from a recognised rental agency;
  2. The hiring arrangement must incorporate motor vehicle insurance or damage waiver against loss or damage to the rental vehicle; and
  3. You must comply with all requirements of the rental agency under the hiring agreement and, if applicable, the insurer under such insurance.

Rental vehicle excess cover is not applicable to scooters and motorcycles, and is also not available with our Medical Only policy.  

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