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rafting Travel Insurance

Considering rafting during your holiday? Here’s some fast facts about this exhilarating sport: 

  • Rafting has a reputation of being very dangerous, but studies show that severe injuries are relatively uncommon in comparison to other adventure activities.
  • Some of the most extreme destinations for white-water rafting include Colorado in the USA, North Johnstone River in Australia, and the Noce River in Italy.
  • The record for the longest river raft is the Great River Amazon Raft Race in Peru. 
  • Whitewater rafting didn’t gain momentum as a sport until the 1960s and 70s when private rafting companies started to form.

Keep reading to find out what travel insurance can help you with if you’re planning to go rafting on your holidays. 

What do we cover if you're going Rafting?

If you find yourself in deep water, we might be able to help: 

  • Our travel insurance policies cover white water rafting and black water rafting from grades 1 to 3. Note: Grade 4-6 require varying levels of experience in rafting. See the Policy Wording for details
  • For most policies (except Domestic policies), we provide medical and hospital assistance, and medical evacuation, if it's deemed necessary
  • Depending on your policy, you could also be covered for pre-paid activities that you miss out on because you're unable to travel. 

what don't We Cover If you're going rafting?

You won’t be covered for anything arising from your rafting if:

  • You’re under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or drugs (except a prescribed drug)
  • You’re part of a competition or rafting professionally (not recreational)
  • You don’t follow instructions and/or wear the appropriate safety equipment
  • You go rafting with a pre-existing medical condition that affects your rafting and you never told us about it


The one thing you Don't know about rafting

By Award Winning Travel Writer Ben Groundwater

The introduction for most people to white-water rafting is the same: book a trip with a company, jump in a raft, float down a river for half a day – or maybe a whole day – collect a few souvenir photos and away you go. 

These day trips out are a lot of fun. The people who run tours like this know how to ensure you have a good time, even if the rapids aren’t huge. There are games to play, things to point out on the riverbank, scenery to enjoy, white water to tackle. You paddle, you laugh, you end up in the drink a few times. 

That’s how you get into rafting. But the one thing to remember is that that is not where white-water rafting begins and ends. This is an activity with almost endless possibilities, even for those who don’t know so much about it, who are just getting into it after that first little day trip.
The real joy of rafting is in the big, multi-day journeys. It’s in tackling a huge stretch of river, seeing it from its source to its mouth, watching as the scenery changes and the white water approaches.

It’s in packing all of your gear into a boat, all of your food and camping supplies, and tackling the great outdoors. It’s in camping out each night on a riverbank, bonding with your boat-mates, telling tales of bravery and amazement from a long day in the rubbery saddle. 

This is an experience available in many of the great rafting destinations around the world. You can do it in Arizona, USA, seeing the Grand Canyon on a Colorado River journey that can last up to two weeks. You can do it in Tasmania, Australia too, rafting the stunning Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park on a 10-day trip. You can also take a breath-takingly beautiful, and death-defying, three-day journey along the Futaleufu River in Chile.

All of these longer trips are well organised, safe, and a huge amount of fun. Take the plunge, and get involved. 

DISCLAIMER: The views stated are the views of the author only, are written for entertainment purposes, and are not intended as advice in regards to insurance or otherwise.

Stay safe: rafting Top tips 

  • Choose your rafting outfitter carefully

    It never hurts to do your research and make sure that whoever you are going rafting with has got the requisite license, experience, training, and positive reviews. 

  • Choose a river grade that suits your level of physical fitness 

    Sometimes more paddling is needed on lower grade rivers as the rapids don’t carry you as far. Regardless, the higher levels are often more demanding, so it’s good to keep this in mind. 

  • Know the proper swimming techniques 

    While you should always wear a life-jacket, it’s also important that you know the right techniques to get yourself to safety if you fall out of the boat and in to the rapids. Your guide should always take you through these procedures. 

  • Don’t panic 

    Part of the fun - and the stress! - of rafting is to be jolted out of your seat when flying over rapids. But sometimes you might actually fall in the water. Don’t panic - if you’re with a reputable company, they should have experience in dealing with this situation and will outline what needs to be done. 

  • Never be afraid to ask questions

    Like with any adventure sports, ask about anything and everything you’re concerned about. Being informed is the best way to be safe.

Rafting FAQs

  • Will I be covered if I miss my rafting booking?
  • You would have a provision to claim for Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits of unused travel arrangements if you have to cancel your trip or your trip is shortened due to claimable events such as your injury or illness and the fees cannot be recouped from the provider. We do not provide cover if you forgot to set your alarm and sleep in.

  • My doctor has advised i don't go rafting on my holiday. Will i still be covered?
  • We would not be able to provide medical cover for you if you are going against medical advice. 

  • How much am I covered for if something happens to me while I’m rafting?
  • Provided you are rafting in Grade 1-3, are within the parameters stated in the Policy Wording, and you don’t have a Domestic or Frequent Traveller Domestic policy, then the medical benefit we offer is unlimited. Terms and conditions apply. Please note: we do not cover for Search and Rescue. 

  • What if i need medical assistance after I've been rafting?
  • In an emergency, get yourself to hospital. As soon as it is possible, we advise that you or a member of your travelling party call our medical assistance team who will be able to liaise with you or the hospital.



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