1Cover's Refer A Friend Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many People Can I Refer?
  • As many as you like. Many people share their unique link on social media and with work colleagues. With $20 for each successfully referred friend, it doesn't take long to build up a large amount of e-gift cards.


  • I've Referred 3 Friends. Should They Buy Their Own Separate Policy, Or Have One Policy For All?
  • You receive one $20 e-gift card per successfully referred policy, regardless of how many are covered on the policy. It would be better if all 3 friends had their own policy as you'd receive $60 worth of e-gift cards.

  • How Long Will It Take To Receive My Email That Unlocks The 1Cover Online Rewards Centre?
  • Up to 18 days.


  • Why Does It Take Up To 18 Days To Receive My Email That Unlocks The 1Cover Online Rewards Centre?
  • We need to collect all referrals and cross check our records before distributing the emails. We do this at the beginning and middle or each month.

  • My Friend/Family Member Bought A Policy Using My Unique Link And 18 Days Has Passed, Where Is The Email To Unlock The 1Cover Online Rewards Centre?
  • Check your junk folder as the email may have arrived here. If using Gmail or Yahoo, please check your promotions folder for an email from '1Cover Rewards Centre'.


  • Who Can I Contact If I Have A Question?
  • Please email [email protected] or call our New Zealand Call Centre on 0800 000 333 which is open 7 days a week. We are also always looking to improve our service, so if you have any suggestions for how 1Cover can improve this process, please let us know.


1Cover Refer A Friend Program Terms & Conditions

1Cover Travel Insurance operates incentive programs aimed at engaging with customers who have purchased products from 1Cover (herein after referred to as "Customers" or "you" or "your"), including the program known as the "Refer A Friend" program (the "RAF Program") which is explained below. These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms"), as updated from time to time by 1Cover, are intended to govern the RAF Program. Participation in the RAF Program is subject to these Terms.

Eligibility & Participation

To be eligible to participate in the RAF Program, you must have purchased an eligible product from 1Cover during the period which the RAF Program is active (as indicated on the 1Cover website at the time you make a purchase). You must either have received an invitation by email from 1Cover to participate in the RAF Program, or have responded to an offer on the 1Cover website to participate in the RAF Program. While an invitation to participate in the RAF Program will ordinarily be sent to you via email by 1Cover, however, 1Cover may choose to send such invitation to you via any other method it deems appropriate.

If any time you do not wish to participate in the RAF Program, or you do not wish to receive any invitations from 1Cover relating to the RAF Program, please notify 1Cover at [email protected] that you wish to unsubscribe from the RAF program.

Structure Of The RAF Program

You acknowledge and agree that the nature of the RAF Program is as follows:

  1. Where 1Cover invites you to participate in the RAF Program, 1Cover will provide you with a unique hyperlink (the "Promotional Link") which links to 1Cover's website and which enables 1Cover to monitor and record purchases of any products or services supplied by 1Cover via the Promotional Link.
  2. You can choose to send the Promotional Link by email or via social media to one or more of your friends . In doing so, you must ensure that each friend has consented to receiving the Promotional Link.
  3. When your friend, who has not previously been a Customer of 1Cover, successfully makes a purchase of any products or services supplied by 1Cover using the Promotional Link, as long as the purchase is made within 12 months, you will be eligible to obtain a e-Gift Card to the value of $20 ("Voucher") from 1Cover.
  4. 1Cover's policy is that it sends Vouchers to our customers on or about the middle of each month, so you may experience some delay between a successful purchase using the Promotional Link and the receipt of a Voucher.
  5. 1Cover is free to determine whether purchases via the Promotional Link have been "successful" and may, from time to time, limit the range of products and/or services which it offers that are eligible to be considered for the RAF Program.
  6. Once your friend has made a purchase of a 1Cover policy using the Promotional Link and you are eligible to receive your Voucher, you shall receive a 1Cover email with a unique code and directions to visit https://1cover.eldigital.com.au/.
  7. Upon entering your unique code, email address and name into the webpage at https://1cover.eldigital.com.au/ you will be asked to select your preferred Voucher from nine (9) available retailers. After which, your chosen Voucher will be emailed to the address you have stimulated.
  8. 1Cover reserves the right to change the number of available retailers, the value of Vouchers, and which retailers participate in the RAF program.

Further Conditions

In participating in the RAF Program, you acknowledge and agree as follows:

  1. you are at least 18 years old;
  2. you must obtain informed consent from your friend prior to providing them with the Promotional Link;
  3. 1Cover is entitled to disregard any purchases via the Promotional Link made or suspected to be made by:
    1. yourself,
    2. a person residing at your same usual address of residence or by a third party on your behalf, or
    3. a person who shares an email address with you;
    4. a person who shares uses the same credit card name as you
  4. 1Cover is also entitled to disregard any purchases via the Promotional Link made by a person who, prior to using the Promotional Link, had:
    1. purchased a 1Cover product or service or
    2. been listed or nominated as a beneficiary of any policy of insurance supplied by 1Cover;
  5. 1Cover is entitled to disregard any purchases via the Promotional Link if within 14 days of that purchase the relevant purchaser has requested a refund on that purchase and/or has otherwise terminated their purchase for whatever reason;
  6. any person who is associated with 1Cover (including a director, employee, agent, consultant or adviser and the family and friends of any such individuals) may not participate in the RAF Program;
  7. if the Promotional Link is not activated by your friend prior to making a purchase, you will not be entitled to receive a Voucher;
  8. you will follow any instructions or directions provided by 1Cover in relation to the RAF Program;
  9. 1Cover only awards one Voucher for the first successful purchase processed via the Promotional Link and does not award any additional Vouchers for any further purchases processed via that same Promotional Link;
  10. 1Cover only issues one Voucher for a policy purchased by a friend using the Promotional Link, and not one Voucher for each person named in such policy; and
  11. you must abide by all other terms and conditions pertaining to the use of such Voucher (it is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with those terms and conditions).


You acknowledge that you will read and accept these Terms prior to your participation in the RAF Program.

You acknowledge that 1Cover operates the RAF Program as a promotional program on an "as is" basis with no further guarantees or warranties to you unless expressly indicated in these Terms.

You acknowledge that 1Cover has no obligation whatsoever to ensure that the RAF Program is available to you and that 1Cover may modify or discontinue the RAF Program at any time without notice to you.

You acknowledge that the RAF Program is operated by 1Cover in accordance with 1Cover's privacy policy.

1Cover reserves the right to change or terminate the Refer a friend program at any time.