Many Never Think Of Flight Travel Insurance When
Travelling Domestically

Once upon a time, flight travel insurance wasn't quite so important as travel was predominantly affected by the weather and it was possible to plan your trip and book for the most reliable periods - making flight insurance of low importance. Accident or family illnesses were the only real wild cards we had to deal with.

Now, we live in a very different world where the most extraordinary events, totally out of our control, may happen, dramatically changing plans and itineraries. Delayed or cancelled flights can cause a chain reaction throwing all your careful planning and pre-booking out of sync causing you to miss connecting flights and cancel much anticipated, costly events and pre-secured accommodation in peak times.

Sometimes, even as adults, we find this kind of disappointment pretty hard to cope with. But children don't have the resources to call upon and can be shattered. Our comprehensive policy provides unlimited cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits, up to $1,000 for travel delay and disruption of journey and up to $5,000 for alternative transport expenses. With this kind of support, rather than seeing your hard earned money going down the drain, you are able to dry those little tears with promises of 'another day'.

If you are a company who relies on your staff being able to travel to meet strict deadlines, any change to flights could be a severe liability to your business and your bottom line. We may not be able to get flights back in the air or moving faster, but we can assist you by insuring you against some of the financial repercussions of delayed or cancelled travel.

And just a helpful reminder for those of you who have been travelling frequently throughout New Zealand, who have annual travel insurance but are now heading overseas, you may need to upgrade your cover to include the health insurance components protecting you for emergency medical, hospital, dental and evacuation.

No matter your requirements, it only takes a few minutes to click through to our rapid online quotation and fulfilment facility to get an immediate quote and secure the level of cover that is right for you. Flight travel insurance is a modern day necessity - so don't contemplate any travel commitments without putting flight insurance in place.

All travel has an element of risk. Thinking ahead and careful preparation will reduce the risk considerably in most areas. Precautions such as visiting your doctor and dentist and your local travel medical centre for all relevant treatment prior to departure, and checking with the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade travel specific web site,, for the latest travel advice for your destination will go a long way to ensuring your trip is enjoyable and eventful for all the right reasons.

1 Cover NZ management and staff wish you a safe and happy journey.