Comprehensive Travel Insurance

- Come To The People Who Understand Risk Evaluation And Management.

Our world - whilst being so diverse and beautiful - is unpredictable and sometimes hazardous. 1Cover NZ know the risks and we know how vital insurance can be, even flying direct to or travelling in the 'safe' countries such as the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia. We have put together comprehensive travel insurance policies - one guaranteed to be ideal for you - through our extensive knowledge of the worldwide market.

Policies That Suit Your Needs

1Cover NZ have taken time out to consider the widely diverse needs of our customers. After all, you do not all have the same needs or are travelling to the same areas of the globe, and cheap insurance should never mean inadequate insurance.

  • New Zealand Only - We keep your costs down by assessing the areas where you are most likely to need, or not need, cover. For example, travelling on holidays within your homeland you will not need the expense of covering lost travel documents or travellers cheques, however, we do keep you covered for cancellation fees and lost deposits, lost luggage, vehicle rental excess, accidental death and more.

  • Comprehensive Policies - Though 1Cover NZ do provide cheaper Budget and Essencial cover options, we do recommend you spend a little extra to gain a whole lot more peace of mind and security.

    Our comprehensive policies come under four plans and cover single travellers, couples or families. We are also able to provide a tailored insurance quote for groups or 10 or more.

    Some of the advantages you will experience include:

    - Unlimited cancellation of fees and lost deposits
    - Unlimited overseas emergency medical assistance
    - Unlimited overseas medical, hospital and dental
    - Up to $50,000 for additional expenses
    - Up to $5,000 for credit cards, cheques and documents
    - Up to $5,000 alternative transport expense
    - Up to $5 million personal liability

The list goes on with hospital cash allowance, loss or delay of luggage and personal effects, loss of income, care of domestic pets and much more.

1Cover NZ are specialists in assessing and consistently providing the best level of comprehensive travel insurance to meet your needs. You can rely on us.

All travel has an element of risk. Thinking ahead and careful preparation will reduce the risk considerably in most areas. Precautions such as visiting your doctor and dentist and your local travel medical centre for all relevant treatment prior to departure, and checking with the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade travel specific web site,, for the latest travel advice for your destination will go a long way to ensuring your trip is enjoyable and eventful for all the right reasons.

1Cover NZ management and staff wish you a safe and happy journey.